Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why don’t you say hello?

We have been working in the same office for eight years, but this guy has never said a “Hi” to me.
I was hence stunned yesterday when he said “Hello.”
I felt like someone had gifted me a gold chain.
“Hello,” I reacted. “How you doing?”
“Ya good. I wanted to ask you something,” he said.
“Please shoot.”
“I have noticed you waving your hands to so many people. But why is it you always try to avoid me? Does my face look so dirty?”
Booooomm. I felt like I was stung by a scorpion pushed into my shirt.
“He he, ho ho,” somehow I escaped.
Being an old teenager has its merits. I plunged into memory lane.
I was entering the editorial section of my office in Mumbai one day when I saw that woman (hey..not so pretty OK?) coming from the opposite direction.
“Hey, How you doing?” I asked casually.
She looked at me as if someone had pinched her.
“Sorry I do not recollect who you are,” she snapped.
OMG. What an embarrassment.
It’s a different matter that she indeed knew me. That woman’s dad was working in a different section and had taken Rs100 as loan from me.
What a world of contradictions we live in!


  1. hello! hello! hello! there now you have three gold chains from me.

  2. heheheh! good post :)

    some pple are like that.. there was a similar natured guy in my class. suddenly he started avoiding me as far as possible and one day in front of friends accused me of avoiding him!

    hahah! such is life, enjoy such creatures...hahahaha

  3. He he I like the term old teenager. Good post, Ramesh:)

  4. Hello !now one more gold chain from me too...hmmm four all together.

  5. People are basically insecure and defensive....ki korbo?

  6. It is difficult to believe that yo would not say hello to someone knowingly!

  7. lol. How can you recall such funny moments in your life ?

  8. A very common situation which I feel is faced by all of us :D I sometimes feel the other person is so arrogant to say that little 'Hi' to me!! But could be vise versa too :)

    We celebrate so many days in our office. I guess we shud hv this 'Hi' day too. We talk to whosoever we meet on our floor atleast. Wat say?!

  9. Yep, everybody experiences such wonders!!

  10. How can someone forget you even if they had a loan to pay?

  11. I have to keep that in mind: old teenager. Your charm is priceless!