Tuesday, November 24, 2009

‘Next time I will slap him’

Whenever I manage to shake off my laziness and go for an early morning walk, I feel as happy as a child who gets a “kitchu kitchu” (tickle).
Today was one such day and I walked briskly. The weather in Sharjah is pleasant and will remain like this through December. I feel like inviting all blog friends home. Hey, don’t take me seriously; if you come you have to starve like me as I am a horrible cook.
OK. While walking I slowed down because two middle-aged Desi women passed by. My ears sharpened. Rotten gossip.
The first woman was telling the other, “You should have asked him to get lost.”
“I did. He’s shameless. Next time, I will slap him.”
There was a pause as they noticed me.
Then the second one said in a hush-hush tone: “That day he took my cellphone and was looking at it as if he has never seen one. Shameless.”
I looked. They looked.
I felt as if the first lady was telling the other, “Here comes another crook.”
So I moved ahead on top gear.
God save men from women and women from men, and women from women and men from men.


  1. hahaha! last line was too good!

  2. U eavesdropped!?!?

    It's just lovely getting up in the morning n going for that walk, I feel a lot more organised when I do that whenever I can. The lazy me!!

  3. n yeah, congratulations for the followers list century...you truly deserve this..:)

  4. hahahaha, so you became a crook now? I thought baby bite was the worst thing that could happen to you :P

    ok, don't frown at the screen, it won't help you :D

    enuf of leg pulling...why don't u call a blog friend who is a cook too? then rest of us can enjoy that meal :)))

  5. :) :) :) he he...What has the world come to???

  6. God save the world from the infinite men and women :)

    If I meet the desi woman I will surely ask her to read this post. Next time you will hear her say, "Next time I will slap him". Over here, the 'him' would refer to you. lol :)

  7. Have you seen Vivek's comedy in one movie where he gets the power to mindread the opposite person's thoughts. It was hilarious. Yours is like that!

    Are you going out tomorrow...one more post of gossips!

  8. Awful things are happening to you....kise ki nazar lag gaye buddy ko.

  9. hehe!! I hope the ladies were not talking abt u ;-)

  10. Gossipy woman chaser...just be careful...I don't want to mend bruises.

    And Neha is right - there must be ONE good cook in all your followers - just stock up your pantry and we're there <3

  11. :) U have a flair for almost getting into trouble and then running out of them.

  12. Nice one:) Ans stop eavesdropping , Ramesh..ha ha ha !!!

  13. yeah, God save the world from the infinite women :)