Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We are with you, Anna

I just opened my mail box and was touched by two comments from two dear blog friends.
Amrit Wadhwa wrote from the US: “We are organizing a Candle Light Vigil in our area in support of Anna and in support of Anti-Corruption movement. We have called the local print media. Can you help us to get a line in an Indian newspaper?”
There are quite a few top journalists who visit this blog of mine and FB. Please see if you can suggest Amrit as he is on a noble cause.
Another dear friend Anupama Mazumdar was earlier upset with Anna’s supporters and had doubts about the movement. She wrote: “Just removed my blog on Anna. I guess it’s time to support the old man, and air our personal views later.”
How sweet. I am happy for India and democracy.
Anna himself is corrupt, said a friend.
“Really?” I asked. “If he is corrupt, he will be the first victim of his own movement. Does it not sound sweet?” 
PM is a very good man, said another.
Really? I asked and read out a news report. “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed the Lok Sabha and justified the police crackdown on the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.”
In fact, as a “Honest” prime minister, is it not Mr Singh who should have been in Anna’s shoes!


  1. Your answers are non-violent and also invokes thoughts, my friend.

  2. YEs true .. but we are forgetting Mr. singh is a mere puppet now .. and Regarding the police crackdown Well thats a different issue to do with law.. yes it was used for personal benefit .. but it was law..

    I dont know why people are saying things about Mr. Singh when he is the one man who has done so much for the country even when he was the finance minister... Its us the citizens who have somehow TIED his hands byu choosing the corrupt leaders who dont let an honest man do what he should be doing ...

    What can he alone do when each time he proposes something it gets thrown in the name of Democracy...

    Anna being corrupt or not is not a issue at all, if he is , he will pay for it but the issue now is to think of what ANNA is trying to do .. and THat i support with all my heart.. Baba ramdev started it and look what happened his secret is out too... the sort of people he is linked with ..

    I am not a believer of KHADI WEARING people at all, they have neved done any good for the country and they are all the same .. BUT even bhagat singh stood by Lala lajpat rai for the better good ..

    I support the Ideology of ANNA .. support Him I am not sure yet.. but what he is trying to do I support that fully .. Personal experiences and history and all have made me a cynic ..


  3. I am all for Anna and will support this movement in whichever way I can.

  4. I feel sorry for Mown Mohan Singh! They are taking wrong steps, which will reflect in the next election or will it? Do we have anyother good leader in BJP or anyother national party for that matter? I wonder!

  5. ... I will have to look up and find out who is this Anna...

  6. Man Mohan Singh kept quiet when Anna was arrested from his flat, before he started his fasting. This is a bad move on the part of the Congress.

    Now they are going to allow him to do fasting for (the days are not yet decided) some days.

  7. I know it sounds weird.. But I find anna fake..!!
    Last time too he started the same.. but then what happened??
    he got sold for money and everything went in vain..
    Are we such fools that we will support any damn corrupt man with his ideologies for publicity???
    cumon... whats wrong?? why the hell are we all helping him with his damn publicity stunts???

  8. as a “Honest” pm, is it not Mr Singh who should have been in Anna’s shoes!
    well, isnt it indeed!

  9. we all are indeed with anna here

  10. There is no magic wand to rout out corruption as it widely used to support it!

  11. I too support the ideology.. let it be anna, manmohan, whoever it is.. but something which puts some sense in us, not just unconcerned citizens whom we are till now..
    I remember bharathi's words.. marundhukkum oru ularntha tamilanai paarkka mudiyaathu..
    so apply it for the whole nation..
    etho, yaro , naamalum nyaya dharmangalukku kattuppattavangala irukkanumnu oru ennaththai thotruvikkirangalae..
    aana eththanai naal irukkumnu thaan theriyala..

  12. Ramesh,

    Thank you very much for this post.

    PM is not effective anymore (was he ever...). Corruption needs to end. Everyone is sick and tired of corruption and Anna has the right background, right method and right support from people. PM should use this as an opportunity to clean up the house.....

  13. I'm with NRIGirl on this, I really need to know more about both sides.

  14. ..Anna hazare is doin Good!
    But people get motivated urself..and be honest for country as its citizen ..Alone Anna hazare wont help!

  15. This movement is bringing common man together.Hope some positive developments would take place which is good for the people and country.There is no doubt that corruption , the cancer of the society needs chemotheraphy and radiation to kill spreading of the same.

  16. Even we had taken out a rally this 16 Aug in support of Anna in Amritsar ! It does not matter to me whether Anna is honest or dishonest, I am not fighting for the person Anna is, but for the cause he has taken up ! also Gandhi ji himself said hate the sin not the sinner!

  17. thoughtful
    PM can not do as he is not surrounded by good people

  18. it is the time when revolution is needed

  19. I do not know about Anna so will have to find out!
    Thanks for your visit!

    Take care and be well!

  20. I've been reading a lot lately on all what's happening and one statement I see many making is "I hope this changes things" but I haven't read one person saying "I am going to be the change"

    Everybody is happy walking behind or for Anna and maybe, most are walking their own march against corruption. But once Anna is out of the picture, in the future, when the time comes to stand on your own and say no to corruption, how many will actually stand tall, ahead and against corruption?

  21. Ha!! As if there is any such thing as a non-corrupt Indian politician. OXYMORON!!