Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beauty hypes raise eyebrows

My dear friend was angry.
“Tell, your daughter not to call me ‘aunty’,” she warned.
“I will. Even I hate someone calling me ‘uncle’,” I tried to console her.
This friend is genuinely young and gorgeous, so it is legitimate anger.
However, I think the “look young” rage is dipping to crazy levels among some. One person I know goes to a Middle Eastern country often to have facial and other surgeries, spending thousands of dollars. I have seen her going through painful times.
There are others who use all kinds of creams. A friend bought an expensive weight loss machine last month, which he now uses as a cloth hanger. One guy shaves two times a day to look “bright.” Another lets his jeans hang down his hip. We call him “low-hip” hero.
I feel nothing can match physical exercises or yoga. Walk, run or try skipping. No pain, no gain. This pain is better than an injection from a doctor, right?
You might have heard this joke:
“How old are you?”
“You said that five years ago.”
“I always stand by what I say.”


  1. lol...true! its not abt straight noses or high cheek bones or botoxed faces...its the way you carry yourself and how comfortable you are with yourself!
    very few understand that!
    nice post :)

  2. Without reducing your wallet; you cannot reduce your weight.. unless you starve!

    Tell me, when useless TV becomes a fish pot, useless fridge becomes a cupboard, why not I convert weight reduction machine?

    grr..grr... come this side!

  3. hmm....very true..and thats what I preach to my friends...never waste money on such things...


  4. yep..I heard that joke too!
    to me appearance matters and it should be good in the form of neat and clean clothes and courteous behaviour!
    its everybody's own choice and fitness level ...other thing I despise ,people who don't know to talk..or cant predict age ..By saying "Aunty"or anything else!

  5. Haaa .Good one !
    " Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five "--B.Franklin.

  6. I agree with your thoughts on yoga. I also like the joke.

  7. Right said. Nothing can match up to the physical exercises. Cant fool your body with those surgeries and jabs. You should know - 'endrum 16' :-P

  8. There you are with another good aspect of today's life. People run behind slimming methodologies - They need instant remedies and hence shell out a lumpsome. A simple brisk walk of 20 min a day and a few yogaasanas should keep one mentally and physically fit and healthy.. I dont understand when will these slim-loving people stop running behind all the varied techniques providing mere results.

  9. Ha ha ..I liked the joke.
    True ..these days no one wants to be addressed as uncle/aunty. One should age gracefully and accept it.you can look smart and elegant at any age.

  10. LOL at the joke! yeah.. ageing with grace is an art and nothing to beat yoga and walking.

  11. Tell, your daughter not to call me ‘aunty’,” she warned....

    A genuine demand ...lol


  12. loved the ending!!

    btw, i too need to loose some weight...i ll try yoga or skipping.

  13. The lines you used to sign at the end f ur posts always make me not only laugh, but think also..

  14. Ha ha ha... may be I have heard the joke before; but it is more fun hearing you say it.

  15. Each one of us--men and women-reach a stage in life where our inner self realizes that age is catching up with us but,it hurts.I find it very amusing when I see men of 50+ dye their hair.
    Age is in the head and not else where.

  16. hmm..I remember telling my friends that my treadmill cost only 800 rs.. howcome.. did you get that one for free for some other purchase.. they asked.. Oh.,.that's how much it cost for reebok shoes.. hmm..
    now my jog has become irregular.. and my shape too..

  17. Sigh vanity can be stressful :)

  18. Hilarious as usual. On a serious note, growing old is a natural process and should be gracefully accepted.

  19. Apologies to 'low hip hero' but grief, how I dislike this look. Bad enough on a young man but somehow even worse on a man of, err, a certain age.

  20. Yes, there is a certain madness to look young and slim. Low self esteem in my opinion is the cause.

  21. I am forever 16 and I hate being called an aunty :D

  22. loved both Kavita's and Smita's comments!

    Sharing a Joke on it ( may sound Kiddish):
    Cat : How old are you?
    Elephant : 5 Yrs
    Cat : But you look big!
    Elephant: I AM A COMPLAN BOY!!
    Cat: I am 30 yr.
    Elephant : But you look so small

    See even animals are afflicted by this age syndrome :)

  23. Hi Ramesh,
    Just wanted to know something. Can someone earning a salary of Rupees 45 thousand equalant in Bahraini currency per month maintain a family (husband & wife)in Bahrain.
    Someone we know has recieved a marriage proposal for his daughter.I thought you are the right person to ask. Waiting for your advice on this.

  24. ohh that's a big problem....

    I am 24 and the kids in my community calls me uncle

  25. Good one Bhai!! And yes, nothing can beat a healthy, balanced diet with good exercise and yoga!!

    Also, one needs to be free from any kinda worries, living life tension-free also gives a good feeling, that way people stay young in their smiles :)

  26. Hahahhahah....in any part of the world Women are same...they simply don' like to grow up...I too stand by Wat I say always :-D