Friday, July 29, 2011

My friend is your friend-1

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with a dear friend, and that too after years. Saisuresh Sivaswamy is a popular name in journalistic circles and he is now Editorial Director of Hard working, humble, great sense of humour…hey, he has many plus points buddy. Sai is on a visit to Dubai from Mumbai and we had Kerala-style lunch yesterday. Awesome pal Viju Jacob was also with us. We enjoyed the lunch but we missed you guys and gals. Where the heck were you all?


  1. Liked that tiny ear stud your friend is wearing :-D

  2. It's a nice feeling to connect with old friends. BTW, why did'nt you invite us?

  3. You told us too late about the meetup!

  4. Nice to see two happy friends in the picture .Must have been so much fun .

  5. It is definitely a pleasure to meet a friend after a long gap...can see from the smile on your face.

  6. ..Nice..enjoy
    Boss ..
    friends are precious!

  7. He looks like Rajat Kapoor (Vyomkesh Bakshi?)

  8. hmmm...its always a pleasure to catch up old friemds...I hope you enjoyed alot.

  9. Yes, meeting good old friends after a while is always so exciting

  10. nice photo
    looks you are enjoying lot

  11. Friends are so good to catch up with a big smile :).

  12. Yes,your pic said it all. And of course, he's famous but u r even more famous!!!

  13. Precious time shared with friends remain fresh ever. Glad you had an opportunity to meet.

  14. its so good to meet and catch up with old friends !Don't need money for true celebration!!
    Just your family or friends!!!

    This was a mail I recd long back, it was so nice ... so I thought I would share it with you

    Celebration means......
    Four friends.
    Bahar barsaat.
    Four glasses of beer.

    Celebration means......
    Hundred bucks of petrol.
    A rusty old bike.
    And an open road.

    Celebration means......
    Maggi noodles.
    A hostel room.
    4.25 a.m.

    Celebration means......
    3 old friends.
    3 separate cities.
    3 coffee mugs.
    1 internet messenger.

    Celebration means......
    Rain on a hot tin roof.
    Pakoras deep-frying.
    Neighbours dropping in.
    A party.

    Celebration means......
    You and mom.
    A summer night.
    A bottle of coconut oil.
    A head massage.

    You can spend
    Hundreds on birthdays,
    Thousands on festivals,
    Lakhs on weddings,
    but to celebrate
    all you have to do is
    spend your time with your dear ones.
    So.. keep in touch ...

  15. Yeah, where the heck was I?? I coulda done with a nice lunch....


  16. Nice photo and looks like you had a great time!! Its always good to catch up with good old pals!! :) Cheers Bhai!! :)