Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fool’s paradise

“I remembered you yesterday,” she said.
“That’s nice,” I replied, obviously delighted.
“I was at Al Ain Zoo,” she shot back, diluting the joy.
It has happened to me quite a few times.
“I dreamt of you yesterday,” said a pretty colleague at my former newspaper office.
I hid my joy and acted as if I was not enamoured. The next day I tried to show off, narrating the girl’s comment to my boss.
“Oh, she said that to you?” he reacted with a sad face. “Just three days ago she said the same thing to me.”
Talking of colleagues, I had an interesting one who slept while on duty and also argued a lot.
“Wake him up,” said my boss once.
“Better not,” replied another colleague. “That’s the only time he doesn’t argue.”
Some colleagues can be real fun. One shared this joke:
A fool took out his torchlight on a dark night, pointed at the sky and told his friend, “Reach the sky by holding on to the light.”
“I will not do that,” answered his partner. “Halfway through you will switch off the light and I will fall.”


  1. hmm.. heading a department, i say.. KKT ( actually the Kalaignar kappeettu thittam) but it was in my case.. a komali kootta thalaivan.. do you know there are three species of human beings.. male, female and lady gynecologist( with due respect to my gynec professor).. ayyo.. yaaru enna thitta porangalo.

  2. hheeehhee

    lite one was the best

  3. lolz very funny...
    specially the last one!
    its creates A healthy atmosphere with these kind of jokes!

  4. hahhaa, I liked your candid confession on the zoo part !! lol

  5. hahhaa, I liked your candid confession on the zoo part !! lol

  6. Good one, brought a smile to my lips ...Nice way to start my day. thanks.

  7. Your posts keeps me away from all the stress. I do smile a lot when I read through such good stuff. Keep it going. Loved it.

  8. Some smart Alec's u have for colleagues :D

  9. Very good. I think we all know someone who only stops arguing when they are asleep.

  10. Your posts always bring a smile on my face...
    They really are "sabse alag...sabse hatke"

  11. Thank you Friend! Made me laugh out loud!

    Now, Adi's comment needs further explanation... He can't let us midair to figure it out ourselves, can he?!

  12. hmmm... ok..for NRI girl..ill give an explanation.
    Gynec department everywhere is a place where lots of events happen;).. Once there was a discussion in the casuality during my post graduation years..(all doctors .. lady gynecologists..usually they assemble there after rounds..and gossip, bicker, talk about the recently bought diamond ear rings.. for which our sir told.. Dr I saac has parked a new ford Icon in front of superindent's office.. I don't think anyone has ever taken notice of that..but here we see even tiniest change in their ears being discussed... it was then he quipped.. there are three species)..Appa.. Sir pera solli thappichaen..
    and now there are 4 lady gynecologist in our department.. and I am the HOD, The amount of Ulkutthu, I'll resign tomorrow, My chance.. I wont come for assisting..you scold her in front of me.. all sorts of circus..have to be managed.. so I gave myself the title of KKT..

  13. Lolz .
    Thanks for everything .You are a true friend :)

  14. Ha ha ha!! More funny posts from you Ramesh!! Keep it up, friend:)

  15. the last one was toooooo tooo good:)))