Sunday, July 17, 2011

No pill, take the bill

There are good and bad doctors. I had a taste of both on a single day.
My daughter, influenced by peer group, decided to go for braces to set her tooth in line. A dentist examined her and suggested it would be a waste of effort. She patiently explained to the girl the advantages and disadvantages. After 15 minutes, I asked her about the fee. She politely said, “No need.”
My daughter had also complained of a corn (hard skin) on her foot.
So we moved to another hospital in Rolla, Sharjah.
At the entrance, we were told to pay Dhs210 ($57). An eager doctor took us to a cabin. After a casual examination, he listed suggestions.
“Throw away her present shoes and slippers. Go for Nike or Reebok.”
Surmising what was going on in my mind, he quickly said: “No, not roadside duplicates. Only originals.”
He then named a brand shop. “Go there and buy Mango-butter solution.”
While I was assessing the damage to my purse, he continued: “Buy 15 pairs of white socks. Wash legs with salt water. Maybe, use Vaseline.”
Before we could ask more questions or wait for treatment, he screamed, “Next patient.”
For the money we paid, we could have bought all the items.
We felt so cheated.


  1. and the vaseline has to be bought in which stores?

  2. ..its sad but hilarious on other side...
    I went to a Doc ..had a small corn under my foot,he examined my toes and said same written above..and even an insole for $300 which I never took BUT
    I go for pedicures to spas at times which helps me and yes ..Vaseline I really helps!
    ..lemme tell you..there is a reason all indians in US want their kids to be Doc ..(any speciality) to get their money back once paid to these so called DOCS...its all business and a catch at appropriate time!
    Gone are the days when we had genuine people and suggestions!

  3. On the bright side, you would not get a professional consultation. :) ... and also the money you saved on braces and other things.

  4. You are lucky with dentists .Have a wonderful week Ramesh .

  5. Did you read an article written by a dr. in y'days Hindu open page. she says Dr's hav'nt signed for sainthood and so they have a right to mint.

  6. lolz.... its really common here...

  7. Oh well the remedies end there! Doctor visit is turning a business in some places. But here you did bring the contrast out of the two scenarios. Hope you bought the vaseline, mango butter solution , 15 pair of white socks :) and not to forget you bought them from the branded shop he mentioned .. LOLzzzz

  8. Lol!

    you were looted! I am sorry, but better to do some research before going to such hospitals

  9. Until this one I had really thought that the dentists were the giant killers of your purse but this dentist seemed way under par and as for the other one he can better be a sales exec...

  10. Oh me gosh! $ 57 is a lot ya! Ask your daughter to look up quick solutions for corn and all on the net...sab kuch milega free of charge!

    Blasts affected no one back home...thankfully. But as a Mumbaikar I beyond expressing grief now. Its a waste and a shame. Take care buddy. Him sends his wishes to you and your family! :D

  11. Ramesh,

    In my opinion, both doctors are very good. The first one is an exception. Second one is good too - he did provide consultation and solution to the problem. He could have asked you to come back or performed useless tests that some doctors do here in the USA. As part of the process you paid in advance and he probably did not realize that. :)))

    Trust me you are lucky. People got operated for a slight issue on foot though problem could have been solved by just changing the shoes.

    PS:- I was on vacation with no internet access and came back at midnight last night. Very very tried. Yours is the second blog I read today.

  12. Doctors have become a menace these days!!

  13. Happens...

    But as A said, consider yourself lucky that the feet is still intact.

  14. i am still wondering what was the reason for your happiness..... your dentist saying "No need for brases" or her not taking the fees ????? but then like kavita i do agree, your are exceptionally lucky with dentists !!! lol!!

  15. ayyo..doctors paavam vittudungappa..

  16. It is ridiculous. You should have thrown a fit. These guys take commission so blatantly.

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  18. Totalaa yevloo paluthathu unga pursukku??..:)) 1$-kku Krack cream vaangi thadavittu pogarthai vittuttu doctor kitta yaaraavathu poovaalaa!!!

  19. Everyone has experienced such extortion.Thank God, the dentist spared you.

  20. At the bright site, he didn't ask you to come back for a check-up - so you actually saved money...hehe...

  21. Oh thats sad. How come the docter didn't advise for the shop for salt, vaseline, socks and even water? Certainly a bad daakter!