Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sleep like a snail, work like a bee

The friend came close and did what I dislike most –Yawn – with his mouth wide open like a hippopotamus.
Seeing my discomfort, he said, “I did not sleep well last night.”
“If you open your mouth too wide, you can dislocate your jaw joint. Normally, you should be able to insert three fingers between your front teeth,” I scared him.
Other friends joined in.
“Honeybees never sleep. Why you complain?” joked one.
“But a snail can sleep for three years,” he shot back.
“The 24-hour accessibility of the Internet has created havoc. My daughter goes to bed after midnight,” lamented a female colleague.
“What is the record for longest period without sleep?” asked one.
“I think 18 days. But I had read that the record holder reported hallucinations and blurred vision,” said a self-proclaimed genius.
“Why this discussion on sleep? I feel sleepy,” complained an irritated friend.
“It all started with the yawn of this guy,” I told them, myself yawning.


  1. lolz....maybe the whole atmosphere has an aura ..which was making you yawn...
    the whole discussion was hilarious

  2. yawwwnnnnnnnnn...... why did i read this early in the morning, right before going for work!!



  3. Ha ha ha.. Me sleepy now:) 18 days - No sleep! Really , I did not know that. :/

  4. Yawn Yawn...Congrats you just spread the virus..hahaha... nice post..well written!

  5. Yawning is infectious I tell you.


  6. Yawning spreads you know that?! :P And if i yawn, which half of the time is expected of me, morning classes and rounds oh my god!! and plus the Temporomandibular joint :P heehe :D Ask me I sleep for around 20 hours everyday.. :D


  7. hi i did not know tht snail enjoys such a comfortable

  8. I can sleep so easily :) and the yawns always have a transfer effect :).

  9. There are many yawns between dawns!