Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cleaner's pressure tactic

I was thinking. (Hey, I do, at times).
How easy it is to provoke someone!
I was returning to my building after a morning walk, when the cleaner said “hello” and a stranger arrived.
The stranger started conversing with me and mentioned that he was from a particular place. The cleaner interrupted, “Oh that place? It has a bad reputation.”
With that one line, he picked up his bucket and broom and disappeared.
It took 20 minutes for me to convince the stranger that his place was famous for hard-working, intelligent people and that he should ignore stupid comments from crazy people. But the damage had been done. The stranger’s eye was red-shot and his blood pressure had clearly shot up.
A little later the cleaner again passed by and smilingly told the guy, “But I know someone from your place who is very good.”
The man looked flabbergasted and I rushed to the elevator.
Just remembered a joke:
“I do not argue with fools,” said one angrily.
“I do,” replied the other. 


  1. nice one!! :) Yes, its better to ignore certain comments which people make, they wouldn't add up to any good!! :)

  2. Missed your posts, Ramesh! Laughed after a long time!

  3. Mmmm... Hard as I try I don't get it. But looks like it made Ashok all smiles so I am sure it is funny.

    You had asked for my name. It is Hephzibah, Hephzi for short - like Pepsi with a 'H'.


  4. Love your short conversational posts.
    Each one has a lesson to teach.

  5. Such people can irritate,but,best is to ignore them.

  6. It sounds to me that this cleaner had a severe case of opening his mouth before he thought.