Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Language connection

It is fun to talk to someone in his/her own language. It brings a sense of closeness. I am always eager to learn at least a couple of words in different languages.
At a restaurant in New Delhi, a group of Europeans were finishing their dinner and we were waiting for our turn. When they got up, I told one of them “Auf Wiedersehen” (Good-bye in German). Surprised, she shook hands saying “Danke” (Thanks).
When we entered the Forum mall in Bangalore, I noticed a European promoting a hair-straightening product for women. My daughter looked at it with excitement and I asked him the price. He mentioned it, and thankfully, I did not faint.
I asked him where he was from and he replied Hungary.
My daughter and I chorused, “Bochanot” (Hungarian word for Excuse me). We had heard the word in a famous English serial.
He was so touched he gave a free demonstration and my daughter was thrilled with her new look. 
Talking about looks, you might have heard this joke.
A woman leaving a beauty parlour tried to dial her hubby, “I am ready, come and pick me up.”
“Wrong number, ma’am,” came the reply. “This is a cemetery.”


  1. LOL @ The joke! and familiar language breaks so many barriers na?

  2. Good one and 'nanri' for this post.

  3. When visiting other countries I think its really important to at least master the basics - please, thank you, where's the toilet? etc.

  4. The tricky part is when they start conversing in the same language ! That joke was to good :)

  5. You have a great personality. Don't change for the world needs more happy people like you.

  6. Yes, knowing a language is an added advantage. A Telegu auto driver once charged me half the meter just because I knew a phrase or two. An Orissa man wrote up all alphabets for me once he discovered I could read some words!


  7. It was a good one. You seem to know a little of many languages.

  8. loved ur article. Excellent one.

  9. love this article. Excellent one

  10. ha ha...funny at the end!!

    And yes, people love it when you speak in their language, its difficult to learn further into most of the widely spoken languages but simple greetings are easy to catch up!! :)

  11. I am an andhraite studying in Bangalore. My college is dominated by gujjus with a very few kannadigas. I learnt kannada as the librarians and lab technicians yield to us only when we speak in local language. I would plead in Kannada to the librarian and that's how I used to be excused even if I was overdue on books.

    mother tongues strikes a chord in people!