Thursday, September 6, 2012

Joys of travel

Striking conversations with strangers has never been a problem for me.
During a recent one-day bus trip to Agra from Delhi to see Taj Mahal, I had made friends with almost all co-passengers by noon. Young Mohammed told me he was a farmer from Gujarat and I hugged him. I have huge respect for farmers. “How come you speak fluent English in western style?” I asked and his wife replied, “We studied in Britain.”
One Nair of Kerala took the role of a guide and explained all he knew about Delhi. An engineer’s family wanted me to click photos repeatedly and my irritated wife gave me a sly look.
We noticed two young western girls sticking to themselves. When the driver announced a short break for purchases, I casually told one of them, “Return fast or we will leave you here.” They giggled and we introduced each other while entering a shop. Both were Americans, one of Indian origin. “I am a nutrition specialist,” said Jennifer, while Renuka said she was a media student. “Hey mediaaa! Join my gang,” I screamed in excitement prompting a shopkeeper to give a “get out” look. Plain jealousy seeing three youngsters chatting merrily!
Air passengers are perceived as unfriendly, but I had a different experience. On my flight from Delhi to Mumbai, the plane experienced turbulence. I was stunned by the shaking of the plane. An old woman sitting next consoled me, “Don’t worry, we will not die.” I reacted, “I have seen more turbulence at home,” only to get a painful pinch from my wife.
A passenger on the front seat turned and I asked him, “Are you worried too?”
He smiled and replied: “I just remembered my mother-in-law was supposed to accompany me.”


  1. :) glad you reached safe and sound :)


  2. Leaves me grinning from ear to ear...

  3. you r so funny!
    .... hope we will have fun time on your blog :P

  4. Seems,you have not yet got over your trip to India

  5. seems you had great time back in India and missing those wonderful moments a lot.....

  6. Hello.
    You sound like me...I'm a talker and make friends wherever I go (lol). I'm glad you arrived at your destination safely. Thanks for the entertaining post and for the visit too. Much appreciated. Enjoy the weekend & stop by again soon!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  7. 3 youngsters?? lol!
    I had caleld you but your number was out of coverage and then later I forgot :(

  8. LOL...! Seems like you had one hell of an experience :)

  9. welcome back yar!
    Your video doesn't open.

  10. wow...funny experiences....and im sure you would come up and chat with me if we ever happen to bump into each other in a flight or bus travel!!

  11. Very interesting. The Air turbulance reminded me of my own experience at Hyderabad. The plane started rolling towards the main runway with only one engine on. My neighbour was inquisitive. I had seen him praying in the Christian way. I simply told him that only one engine is working. I was surprised when he started screaming and enjoyed it.

  12. ha ha..the post was funny towards the end!!

    And yes, you are an open minded extrovert, so its very easy for you to mix with people and make friends - am sure they all must be proud to have me a nice person.

    And yes, you are a youngster!!

    Good luck bro, Cheers!! :)

  13. Great post, I couldn't help but think about the saying that strangers are simply friends you have yet to meet.