Friday, November 16, 2012

Joy of relaxation

At the splendid Majaz Park in Sharjah, I jogged for a while and decided to relax by lying down on a concrete slab, face facing the sky.
In that quick moment, I was astonished by what I saw ‑ even without my specks. In the backdrop of the alluring blue sky, I saw a line of birds passing by in perfect V-formation. I also noticed a resplendent rainbow. A speeding jet added to the beauty.
I could not help recall Bruce Lee’s words to his student: “It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”
It also makes me think. The rush hours and grinding routine are only making our life complicated. Chilling out is so easy - as easy as lying back and gazing at the sky or sitting down and watching the waves of the sea and yet we do not have time for that!
One should not confuse relaxation with laziness.
Relaxation rejuvenates; laziness constrains.
Talk of laziness and I remembered a joke.
A factory chief thought all his 10 workers were lazy. He wanted to find who was the laziest.
"I have a very easy task today. The laziest man wins. Who is that among you?"
Nine raised their hands. One did not. Obviously, he was too lazy to do that.


  1. Beautiful anecdote and well complemented with that joke. Typical global madrasi style post :)

  2. Lying down facing the open sky is my most favorite of all "activities". I often encourage my kids to join me on our deck, lying down, facing the sky - whoever spots the first star of the night wins! Also, if you do that when it snows you will feel like you are flying thru Space!

    God has blessed us with the luxury of nature; it is a shame we don't have time to stand and stare.

    Enjoy bro!

  3. I wish to be the the laziest person. Wish to be lazy for a while.. at least..or should I say relax...

  4. I would never be counted amongst the lazy ones

  5. Nicely written brother. A few moments of relaxation during rush hours can really work wonders.

  6. nice :)
    relaxations rejuvenates and makes you sharper ..laziness kills A CAREER..A FUTURE..

  7. haha good one. If only we had time to stop by the woods and take a look !

  8. I am very lazyyyyyyyyy and can spend hours just lazing around the only problem is I dont get time to do that ..


  9. lol!! lol is lazy right? we have stopped typing hahahhha.

  10. As Niece #2 explained she is never lazy, she just does a lot of relaxing. A great excuse, don't you think?

  11. :) interesting anecdote.

    Dont know about lazy but we sure are missing living the life in the mad rush to run after things which we think complete life. Its worth taking a break sometimes, even if for a few minutes if that may be, to just enjoy the small gifts of life.

  12. V line formation....a great sight indeed.
    abt laziness.chk this link :)

  13. I love your quirky posts :) Thank God i am not a tubelight and i understand them :D