Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pet first, partner later for women

When her pet parrot flew away, my neighbour in Mumbai remained depressed for days. When his pet dog in Mumbai died, my crestfallen buddy who worked in a leading newspaper in Dubai, quit his job and returned to his hometown. When a dear Tunisian friend’s beautiful dog died, she was in tears for days.
The owner-pet attachment is well known for ages.
However, what has been little known to me is that the way to a woman's heart is through her pet.
According to a new study by animal health organisation NOAH, a quarter of women would dump a man if their pet didn't like him – and a third would leave their own bed and sleep on the floor next to their pet if it was ill.
Half of British women claim they say “hello” to their dog or cat before anyone else when they get home, the Daily Mail has reported.
Thankfully, my wife has not been too keen to keep a pet at home. Maybe, she must have thought one is enough (Obviously me!).
By the way, I tested the veracity of this study. I met a stunning, cat-eyed lady at a conference in Dubai and the first question I asked was, “Do you have a pet at home?”
“Oh. I love Danny. He is such a cute Chinese Shih Tzu,” she started off.
My colleague had to give five missed-calls on my phone to inform that the car was waiting for my return trip.


  1. :) i will say more than half :)

    so did you get to the CAR on time


  2. Now I understand why Israel has banned any/all pets for our home. May be he thought having a fish tank is harmless. To tell you the truth I often talk to Methusala - the tank cleaner - when no one is around. Israel is refered to as Papa in our conversations! Life is complete with a pet!

  3. Very recently,same question was asked by a friend at an informal gathering.
    Lady replied......I don't need one so long as my husband is faithful

  4. I am just like the people you mentioned here, and Danny could well be Max!!

  5. Pets are addictive. Especially the smart ones. I give permissions only for fishes in my home :D

  6. The whole world knows how I feel about pets! But not as crazy as you have described here...

  7. Many would wish, they were pets.

  8. He he. Pets are so wonderful and understanding :-)

  9. Its true. Pets are almost like family members for those who are deeply attached to them. This is particularly so in the West.

  10. :) true ..But I m not very fond of pets ..its other way round my hubby like s pets more!