Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hard to digest: Kids play spoilsport

 A family visiting an Italian restaurant in California was pleasantly surprised when the bill arrived: A huge discount for the three well-behaved children.
How nice! Those three children must be an exception.
Well-behaved kids in a restaurant! I wish they were in a majority.
Last week, I visited a food outlet with a friend and we wanted to discuss something serious about his credit card problem.
“Could you lend me some money?” he started when two children began screaming next to our table.
“Money?” I was embarrassed to say “no,” but could not say “yes” either.
In that momentary dilemma, the screaming continued.
“Shhh,” I tried to tell one child, when his mom gave me a nasty look.
Afraid, I turned my attention to my friend.
There was no respite. I looked at the mom again, pleadingly.
She passed on the look of an eagle waiting to prick my eye.
We got up and moved to the last table.
“Yes,” we started the conversation, when blaring music started playing on the stereo.
I was wondering how to say “no” to my friend when his phone buzzed.
“I have to rush. Catch you later buddy,” he picked up his bag.
While leaving the restaurant, I looked at the mom again and smiled.
But she retained her “eagle look.”
Talking of restaurants, I am sure you have heard this joke:
Two guys enter a restaurant and order tea. They then pick up their sandwich and start eating. “You cannot eat your own snacks here,” warned the manager. “Okay,” they say exchanging the sandwich with each other. 


  1. LOL on the joke .. The kids and well behaved ones - definitely they should be given the discount.

  2. Important that we learn our children how to behave in all locations/situations I don't want to be judgemental but it doesn't sound as if this mother was doing a good job in explaining that we don't behave like this when out dining.

    Love the joke though, I hope you don't mind my sharing it.

  3. That's funny. And to tell you the truth I am not very fond of loud adults either.

    Recently while traveling with a friend who has very loud kids we often encountered a lot of 'eagle looks' from the crowds. My friend's response was, "Kids will be kids". I don't agree this was the right context for those words.

    Our response? No more traveling together with loud people. Period.

  4. hahahah! good one ....loved the way u described the eagle eyed mother of those kids!

  5. lol @ the joke :D

    And yes well behaved kids in restaurants & theaters is a rarity!!! My son though doesn't create a scene there but he loves exploring the place and only one of us can eat peacefully that is why we have stopped eating out. Saving money also ;)

  6. There can be no excuses for parents for children who are not well behaved

  7. Good one :) Yeah, I've noticed too that some kids are very naughty and make noise at restaurants, their mom doesn't control them and its hard to stop them!!

  8. Yes, we very rarely come across well behaved children, but this child was a boon to you!

    I liked the second one also!

  9. I hate ill mannered kids. And the joke was really funny :).

  10. You have been awarded. Check my blog...

  11. Some kids are so irritating and so arrogant that even their parents dont want to reprimand them for bad behaviour at public places.