Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sugar, you are not sweet

Sugar seems to be turning bitter for many.
Most of the guests that I prepare coffee for warn me: “No sugar please.”
Last week, when my best friend dropped in and I offered a cup of coffee, she replied, “270.”
I did not understand.
“That’s my sugar level. Give me without sugar.”
Another guest told us, “no potato, no banana...” The list was scary.
In contrast, sugar per capita consumption is skyrocketing. According to figures available on the Internet, in 1800, it was 18 pounds of sugar per year. In 1900, the average person consumed 90 pounds of sugar per year. From four teaspoons a day in 1990, it has now reached 22 teaspoons today.
“Exercise seems to be the only remedy,” I told a friend.
“Do not remind me about exercises,” he pleaded.
“My wife wanted an expensive treadmill at home for running exercise,” he said.
“That’s great news,” I cheered.
“Now I am running after her pleading with her to use it.”


  1. My blood sugar check up is scheduled for tomorrow.y Ramesh...will know whether I can use sugar or not:)
    Was not keeping well and missed lot of posts.

  2. haha.... well for me Sugar is must, will die without it.

    Weakest LINK

  3. I am drinking mostly water and tea these days as both are delicious in their natural state. When I do have coffee, I prefer honey or pure maple syrup, but I think a little sugar is fine in moderation. I was just thinking about you, Ramesh. Cheers and blessings to you and your family, my dear friend. As always a joy to read your posts. Much peace and love.

  4. nice :)
    ... its not jus treadmill but Gym it invest and relax ..which keeps the level down

  5. Hahaha...At least this makes him run! This is very good, Ramesh!

  6. Well, I hardly eat sugar and my sugar levels are great :).

  7. Lol.. like the treadmill i've seen few gym equipments at my friends/relatives houses..

  8. Advice to avoid sugar coated medicines!

  9. I am personally very strict about my sugar intake.
    I do no know about percapita consumption,but,i do know that every fifth person in India is diabetic.

  10. Hi Ramesh,
    I don't take sugar in coffee not because of some problem, but i just started liking it that way, one can get the real flavour of coffee. But for tea would like just half tsp of sugar. Anyway, we have coffee only once and tea also only once.
    It is true, people are becoming more conscious of what they eat, and it is good to keep things under control and only indulge once in a while. Nice write up!

  11. Nice post :)

    To reduce calories, most people are switching to artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes - which are not healthy!!

    Thanks and Cheers :)

  12. lol..that is what happened with my husband. He bought one and now I am running after him to make him use it and I started using it myself feeling pity for the poor treadmill...

    Now he has gained 2 Kg more to his 73kg while I lost 2 kg from my 54kg...

    Will you be visiting IDEX Ramesh...?

  13. We are forced to change our lifestyle...


  14. Its been ages since I've added sugar to my coffee / tea. Two reasons : 1. Milk here is so sweet in itself! 2. I love dipping a cookie into my beverage so don't need sugar too!
    Running behind the wife to use it? See, that treadmill turned so useful, he began running LOL!!

  15. Ha ha like that last line, pleading to use it. I think most of the treadmill at homes lie idle.
    Yes its irritating when you serve people at a party, each with a different requirement.

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