Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Control key

“Life is all wired up. I do not understand who holds the Control key” complained my IT friend.
“Now that the world has Logged In completely, there is no way we can Log Out of technology,” I replied.
“I want to Delete all my friends on FB, throw away the computer and sit quietly by the seaside listening to the sound of waves,” he said.
“You cannot Escape. Home is where the computer Home key is,” I added fuel to fire.
“You are Shifting from the subject. I want to be a monk and Enter a world of peace,” he continued.
“There is no Space for that in the Hard Disk world. Just press Control S and stay connected,” I advised.
“Are you sure there is no way to Disconnect?” he asked innocently.
“There is.”
“If I knew that why would I be wasting time with you instead of sitting by the seaside listening to the sound of waves?” I Escaped.
BTW, talking about peace, I remembered powerful words from a Tamil song written by Kannadasan.  
“When I peeled ant’s skin, out came the elephant
When I peeled my heart’s skin, out came wisdom
I got the heart which was there before I was born
I have got the peace that I will get after death.”


  1. Home is where the computer Home key is :) And I remembered a phrase 'Gaagar(pot)main saagar.Now this much Hindi you know, don't u? :)

  2. You are right. Sometimes we really yearn the good old-fashioned world of no social networking. But then how would we have blogs :). The peace is in striking a balance.

  3. I never get bored nowadays because of my computer!

    It would have been nice if you had posted the song in Tamil also!

  4. Ahh!!! What a play of words :)

  5. Still 'old fashioned' in many ways - I prefer 'snailmail' to email, a 'treebook' to an e-book - I wouldn't want to delete my FB friends though on occasion it might be nice to put them on pause.

  6. I have to say I converted my ever large fb from 1300 friends to 150 last month.. similar kind of emotions.. it is so much fake there so many people and no communication. But now it is nice with a small cluster of family & friends who really matter & who don't need fb to communicate

  7. Your concluding lines are beautiful

  8. Hmmm..I read through the post with a smile. Ya , your friend and all of us require a suggestion like the lyrics of the song. Btw I knew the song was "satti suttadadaa" but couldn't get the lyrics proper. Anyways google searched it. Can't think of a day out of the world wired web

  9. The concluding lines say it all, Ramesh:)

  10. Well written about how technology has become a part and parcel of our daily lives!! And great philosophical conclusion!! :) Cheers :)

  11. I like the concluding part. Just imagine how it would be to remain away from Internet, TV, News Papers etc for a fortnight and away on a beach as your friend had in mind.