Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FB reality: As you ‘Like’ it

My close friend slashed half the names in her Facebook (FB) friends list when she heard about a German study that revealed joyful posts evoke envious feelings.
She was not the first one.
At least, eight of my acquaintances have acted similarly.
However, when another friend chopped many names, I was surprised. Her reason: “Some of them have not pressed the ‘Like’ key even once.”
A colleague explained why he found the social media deceptive. “One person was literally crying to me about the problems he was facing, but the same evening he posted a photo of himself dancing on a beach.”
Another colleague gave his judgment: “Social media is like a knife that can cut a vegetable or kill a person. The choice lies with the user.”
Personally, I found a new world with my blog. It brought me some of my best friends from across the globe, who have stood by me through thick and thin. Some of us have met, interacted on phone, helped each other on specific needs and never crossed the red line when it came to decency.
If rightly used, the virtual world can indeed log us onto the happiness mode.
Heard this joke about social media: 
“If you have nothing interesting to say... join FB and tell everyone.” 


  1. I have nothing interesting to say, hence on FB most of the time. :D

    "If rightly used" being the keywords here. :)

  2. Ha ha ha it is true. In FB reality, there is never a sad moment. Of course, nobody will post that they have been sacked or dumped etc. I fail to understand people who need to update everyone on minutest detail of their lives. But I enjoy being on FB, spend quiteba lot of time. I like getting updates on various sites which I follow, all at one place :-)

  3. Rightly so.

    That reminds me we must connect.

  4. Hmmm. Sometimes we do get veiked suggestions through fb

  5. If rightly used, this is interesting. We should not take anything seriously...if you don't like something, just ignore!

  6. 'Liked'. :)
    There is no match between Blogfriends and FB 'friends'. The former are very special.

  7. 'Liked' :)
    There is no match between blogfriends and FB fren.
    Former are very special.

  8. i agree... the blogosphere has actually helped make more like minded friends for me than I ever imagined.

  9. So apt, Ramesh ji. Personally, I too found a new world with my blog. It brought me close to people from across the globe. The same goes for FB. Yes, I do spend a lot of time there to interact with many interesting people. There are breaks that I take often to stay focused. Ultimately it is a matter of prioritizing and using a medium with a good sense of humor and responsibility, isn't it?

  10. A shame that not everyone thinks like you, that there are those who choose to misuse these social media sites. Great post and I loved that joke.

  11. I was laughing at the last line, very funny!! :)

    Well yes, like everything has pros and cons, the way you use it makes the difference. Blogging is best for sharing thoughts, opinions and having a healthy interaction with friends. Facebook can be used in a good way to keep in touch but most of them use it to get rid of boredom in their lives.

    Nice topic, Cheers bro!! :)

  12. it seems,FB is becoming more of a space for posting pictures or a set of quotes.
    What happens during chats...we dont know

  13. Nice post. I had similar experience with blogging.

  14. Enjoyed. Reluctantly I too joined the FB. I find people coming out with a new profile photo every day. It has become a kind of online album to showcase your family and friends. Now it is time to say good bye to FB and be contended with blogs which provide greater pleasure.

  15. Haha.... just read this on FB, thought would be apt to share here -- Civilized people don't kill each other with guns anymore; They kill each other with vacation pictures on Facebook!!