Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Where's popcorn?’

At my earlier newspaper office in Mumbai, a banana was always served with lunch. When a reporter resigned after years of service, she exclaimed, “My only worry now is how to survive without a banana for lunch.”
Another friend faces a peculiar problem. His office canteen mostly serves biscuits and he is fed up of cookies. Last week, his little son rushed towards him offering some biscuits. The moment my friend saw the biscuits, he yelled “huttt,” leaving the bewildered boy wondering what blunder he had committed.
An affectionate student at my wife’s school in Dubai always asked his teacher to taste or share from his lunchbox. The other day, the vegetarian teacher was embarrassed when the boy offered non-vegetarian food. She pleadingly declined. The boy looked upset, went to his seat and returned after five minutes. “I have removed all the meat. Now you can taste maam.”
Heard this joke: “What did baby corn ask mum corn?”
“Where's popcorn?”


  1. Thats a nice essay Ramesh...yes it was very common to see a banana n the lunch plate,somehow made the lunch look very appealing and wholesome.I could almost visualize the girl's repulsion to biscuits.

  2. Funny!! Yeah, sometimes habits picked up and followed for a long time are hard to leave!! :) Pop corn joke is good :) Cheers bro!! :)

  3. Smiling after reading, as usual!

  4. That is a nice one liner to tell to friends..