Sunday, January 25, 2009

Counsellor needs counselling

My neighbour entered my room with a disturbed look. "They have increased my yearly rent by Dhs8,000. My job is shaky," he said. I offered him coffee, convinced him that tough times do not last and sent him.
"I am sending my CV. Just lost my job," called up a friend. "Don't worry, I will check out," I promised. He was the third such caller.
I dressed up and went to meet the builder. "There is no way we cannot increase the rent," he argued. "But recession is hitting us hard," I said. "Sorry, take it or leave it," he put it straight.
"What's up?" asked my wife.
"I am feeling a bit down," I replied.
"Don't worry, tough..," my wife started consoling me.


  1. Good one! Some of my known people, working in IT have been sent home, because of recession. And these boys are used to drawing huge salaries and spending them freely.

    As 'humanobserver' said, the topmost people don't even offer to reduce their salary. But this is a passing cloud. Hope for the best!

  2. One of my students works in Dubai and he says Jan was better for his company. I am saying amen.

  3. sad but recession is here to stay,but you r right tough times never last, only tough people do:)