Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hi, meet Sam

I promised to introduce some good friends so we all stay connected. Here goes Samuel Jacob, call him Sam or Sambo. Some talk more, work less (like me..I can see Vinisha clapping – (but hey, I bluff sometimes, don’t take me seriously) and some do it the other way round.
Sam belongs to the latter category. Talk to him continuously for five minutes and all he does is smile back and nod his head like a vertical clock pendulum.
This guy was an asset for The Times of India desk in the 90s in Mumbai. He was so computer savvy that he was grabbed by the Internet edition for launch. He moved to Yahoo! Bengalooru.
And the hardcore journalist decided he had better things to do in life. He is now focusing on environment and agriculture and is working on a project to protect lakes in the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve buffer
zone of Tamil Nadu.
The photos show Vagai Kulam. The children are part of a Green Brigade. They help in monitoring the birds. The other pictures are of birds resting on trees in the lake. The trees are scheduled to be cut soon and Sam and his team are trying to stop that and get the place declared a sanctuary so the birds can continue to come here.
Good wishes, Sambo.


  1. power to sam and may there be many more sams!!

  2. My good wishes as well! Beautiful task to teach younglings in such a down to earth way - good luck!

    ...and an Indian, who does not talk - wow! :D

  3. Best wishes to Sam.

    Friendships lasting so many years always tug at my heart.

    P.S: Finally posted something on my blog. Hope it will not disappoint you too much.

  4. Thanks for writing this post, we need more people like Sam.

  5. Nope, your comment isn't here. :S

  6. It takes a lot of courage, I must say, leaving a much sought after job in ToI & moving to the role he has today.

    Talk more, work less - Hell, editor? :O.. :D

    I laugh more and work even more. Been reaching at 11 every night. Getting lotsa sighs from my folks at home :D

    @ Saadia, Being a regular reader, I find ToI to be liberal, though not unbiased :)

    Hindustan Times, not quite sure. Read it a couple of times and was too busy feeling the fresh breezy change from ToI. And then I was forced back to ToI. :)

  7. Thank you, Vinisha, for the feedback. I really appreciate it.