Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happier the ‘we’

"We” is a much stronger word than “I.” My friends are your friends and your friends are mine. So, I thought I should introduce some great friends, with their permission. Slowly and steadily, let’s expand this list. The list is not in order so, no hard feelings. This one for Gallery section.
BB Nayak is a simple man from Orissa settled in Navi Mumbai. His achievement? Seven Guinness world records. The latest is 30 one fisted cartwheels in a minute in New Bombay. The feat is covered in You Tube. Long ago, I covered his major feat for TOI and that is when we became friends...Now hold your breath..it was called Groin Conditioning..where two concrete slabs are placed against his vital organ and another guy breaks the slabs with a hammer. We gave the headline, don’t laugh, “Balls of Steel” in the TOI supplement for this story. Another report I wrote about him was titled “Bruce Lee of Mumbai.”
Babhi (BB’s wife) is a worried lady and not without reason. When BB plays with his life, she could only pray.
Well, hats off to this achiever who’s made it to the top despite lack of support from the government.

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