Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mid-air drama

Around 51 million jobs to go this year, declares ILO through today’s newspapers. But well, we have agreed not to allow negative thoughts to affect us, right? We will face that challenge, no worries.
Let’s lighten up now. “Past is always good, as we have crossed it,” philosophizes my Pakistani friend Ansar all the time. And I keep nodding like a parrot. So, a flashback.
Three sisters and a brother, an elderly mom, this D’Mello family of Bandra was close to me. One of the sisters was a pretty cat-eyed lady (of course, all my friends are pretty, don’t keep arguing dear Vinisha) my colleague. We were regular visitors at their home. During the last decade I moved out of Mumbai and lost touch.
I was returning with my wife and kids to Dubai from Mumbai on an Air-India flight on a recent occasion. I jokingly asked my wife why we hardly find young airhostesses on Air-India or Indian Airlines, and she ignored me.
But I noticed one particular airhostess was repeatedly glancing at me. I wondered what was wrong. Had she heard my comment?
Anyway I liked her smiling face and decided to break the ice. “Excuse me, can I have a cup of water?” By the time my wife pinched me hard, she returned. Bending towards my seat, she whispered, “You are Ramesh, right?”
Goddd..You know I am senti-mental (what a deadly combination!).
“Is that you, UD….?” I screamed.
In the excitement, I waved my hand and the glass flew. The other passengers wondered what the commotion was all about. I could hear my wife murmuring “Control S.” “Will catch up with you after duty,” said UD and disappeared. Have they got a magic wand to disappear so fast?
Whattt? The story has ended. You still want to know about the hours of heated arguments with my wife that whole day over my “childish” behaviour? BTW, you guessed right. That was one of the sisters.


  1. so did you manage to catch up with old times or no? ;)

  2. that was good reading.....did u met ur sis?

  3. Interesting no? to catch up with old acquaintances?

  4. so did you spoke to her or are you planning to write sequel of this blog. just kidding....

  5. Dear Ramesh,

    It's nice to read about your experience. Well, you mix a dose of comedy into all your writings.

    The lines -> "And I keep nodding like a parrot", "By the time my wife pinched me hard, she returned"..etc, will make the reader laugh out loud.

  6. I too want to know did you meet her ?

  7. my many inquisitive whether i met her again!!! I dint..and have lost contact..maybe when i go to mumbai hopefully in april/may i shoud catch up..lets c

  8. that was intresting mid air u were able 2 catch up wit her later?

  9. Did I tell you you’re a flirt? What a coincidence! Or is there no such thing? If not, what is it… that makes you spill that glass of water (hihi) … You really know how to ask for attention:) And that post proofs your teenager status you wrote in an other post… hahahihi… glad your wife knows how to deal with you – grin!