Friday, April 9, 2010

‘I did it’

A senior reporter at my previous office made a rocket out of an A4 sheet and blew it in the air just for fun. It flew and hit the eye of a photographer. OMG, I still remember blood oozing from the lens man’s face. Fortunately, nothing serious happened.
One guy who did not like me too well grabbed the opportunity.
“You play mischief all the time. Better take this as a lesson,” he told me loudly.
Surprisingly, I kept quiet as I was also in a state of shock.
This guy had a habit of claiming credit for everything and proclaiming “I did it,” all the time. In fact, that was a reason I could not get along well with him.
One day, the editor was furious with a particular headline.
“Who did it?” she screamed.
“I did it did it,” I said.
“What?” she sounded angrier.
Another colleague explained who “I did it” was.
Her anger turned into laughter.
And the guy actually thanked me for cooling her down.
Funny world.


  1. lol....!! funny
    but hw come blood from a harmless rocket..!!??
    you know backbenchers in our classroom keep doing the same, but till now thankfully it hasen't hurt anyone

  2. Thanks for this one Ramesh, you almost always have something humorous to say!

  3. 'I did it' never did it but 'I did it' gets the blame!

  4. Yeah, I thought these paper planes were so harmless. And, yes there are so many "I did it" around, everywhere :)

  5. I did it did it...:P naice one....:P

  6. lol!! Do they call you the cheer leader of your office?? ;-)

    But seriously ppl who hate don't like ppl with SOH shud learn that it is our humor which saves them :D

  7. So, it was "I did it" who actually did it :) ha ha

    Well, a funny piece of writing again :) henceforth play safe with paper rockets, have fun :)

  8. Do you wear some special kind of glasses capable of seeing the humor in every situation?

  9. blood from paper planes??? wow. this is the first i time i heard this!!! I never DID IT!! :)

  10. paper ka rocket and blood? Chalo at least she laughed!

  11. did a paper rocket do that? :O

  12. There are some who like to hear their own voice.

  13. deadly rocket out of an A4 size paper....

  14. sir, its perfectly okie.
    you can write that tag post, wenever you feel like.

  15. hey, i guess you don't know but in your profile your age is 48 years....!!
    thats why i wrote "sir"
    anyways thanx for commenting and appreciating dude...!!

  16. 'I did' visit and would be regular now :)
    I hope all is well in the desert and u r enjoying your dates! :)

  17. Hilarious always leaving your blog with a smile .Have a great week friend.Cheers !