Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Work hard, eat happy

Just read a beautiful story on Net. A blind girl hates world, but finds a loving boyfriend. Can you marry me? He asked her. “If I had eyesight,” she replied. After a few months, she undergoes an operation and gets back her sight. She asks to see the boyfriend first and is shocked to find that he is blind. “Can you marry me?” he asks her. “But you are blind!” she replied. “Anyway, take care of my eyes darling,” he moves off.
Hey, wipe your tears. Many women are like that these days and some women are violent too!
Jokes apart, I remember my poor landlord in Vidya Vihar, Mumbai, being bashed up by his wife. I mentioned this once, but will share it again. I and two bachelor cousins shared the house with this landlord. Every evening his family of five will sit for dinner in their room and us in ours. In five minutes, the storm will begin. First it will be expletives from the wife, then throwing of vessels. Finally, the landlord will fall near our door, physically thrown out by his hugeee wife.
And he will look at me (he loved me so much even when drunk), smile and advise: “Mehnet se kamav, kush se kaav.” (Work hard, eat happy).


  1. Ramesh you always make women look like a terror...I wont deny it:P but wont completely agree to it also...

  2. I have read that story earlier..and poor landlord..

    but on the lighter note; that guy could have donated only one eye to her na? dono khush rehte..kaane kaane..

  3. wow!! kya advise hai? I am sure the wife had good reasons to bash him up..but violence should always be controlled..

  4. I remember you mentioned the women and the landlord before. But I need something cheerful.

  5. Its true to some extent about women-:)

  6. I've heard that story...
    But I pity that landlord...poor him...!!!Domestic violence must be stopped..U didn't help that poor guy??

  7. Ha ha... that was a nice read :)

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful story and then we readers pity that landlord for the second time, but good to read it again :)

    Bhai, do read my new blog post right away, I'm sure, you will love it :)

    Cheers Bro,
    Sai :)

  8. that story is soooo touching... :(...
    And I have to say that mostly women are not the voilent ones ...but I cant deny that this story is more common than we would know...

  9. You have heard that love is blind; but some times, it is blinding too!

    Moral:-One can love a blind person(eyeless) but not a heartless one!

  10. Loved neha's comment, dono khush rehte kaane kaane :).

    Love is hardly blind these days. The story is nice, but it is just a story. In today's times, we see Shoaib - Ayesha kind of stories. Dump them if they grow fat??

  11. Haha nice one, btw dropped in to say hi :)

  12. Umm, I am sure such women exist, but I am afraid I've not met any one like that.
    And I do agree with Neha, why did he donate both his eyes?

  13. sir, u have a wonderful blog. u got urself a new follower...! :)

  14. An interesting story....silly woman-she should have married him,what if in future she needs another organ-transplant? See some of us are even worse than her.heeee.

    My sympathies to this poor guy,the second time.

    Nice post Ramesh..t.c.

  15. Work hard, eat happy. You are true :)

  16. Good , Better , Best

    story was one of the *Best* stories i have ever heard, story telling style was *Better*. i will try my level *good* enough to say thanks by this comment :)

    Thanks :)

    Story is the vehicle we use to make sense of our lives in a world that often defies logic :)

  17. yes buddy some women are one can defeat them...

  18. touching story. have heard it before.nice post.

  19. Got that story as a sms lately!
    About women? you are true buddy :P


  20. why she behaved like that?

    things are always different between man and woman..
    its not a science.. just a common sense.. or biology (science??)

    land lord is enjoying the company of his wife!!

  21. heheh...!!
    will keep this in mind in future
    take care dude