Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sly guys on the prowl

“Hi, How you doing?” is a normal question we ask.
But the reactions vary as per the individual.
Once I asked this to a Mumbai friend and he smiled widely, “King size buddy.”
I was amazed by his positive approach.
Yesterday, I committed the blunder of asking the same question to a cynic.
“How you doing?”
“How do you expect me to do?” he shot back.
“All fine?” I tried to cool him.
“Just because you are doing well, you expect others have no problems,” he continued.
“This earth has six billion people and six billion different issues,” I replied clearly annoyed.
“You know that I am searching for a new job. You never bother to help.”
“I will check out,” I promised.
“Forget it. I need some help. How much you have in your pocket?”
“I have AED600.”
“Wonderful,” I could see the glee in his face. “Could you lend me some?”
“I am coming to that,” I replied. “I have 600. My wife just called me and I need to rush some extra money. Could you please…”
I did not finish the sentence. He had vanished.


  1. Ramesh, all because you asked how are you doing!

  2. If you can't beat them..join them? :)

  3. Seriously, I can't believe that a person actually reacts like that coz I've never experienced it. And if I did, well, I could be worse in reacting.

    Well, now I know that I've got to count my blessings. Great post, Ramesh.

  4. just makes me laugh... :D

  5. thank god you were spontaneous..and you didn't ask him how are things..varna pura UAE ka problems sunne milta!

  6. you think on your toes dont you!! very sharp and quick!!

  7. lol!! That's what I call giving it back there n then ;-)

  8. I have come across people who do not understand a casual "how are you doing". It is just like a hello, but they launch into lengthy explanations of their life's events :). Have you ever experienced that?

  9. I hope you are doing well ....... LOL
    Very good question !!!!

    Have a wonderful day :)))

  10. Hey,how are you doing ? Smart you yeah !!Smiles !!

  11. In such cases your reflexes have to work fast. Yours did.

  12. Awesome :) I like the statement "Six billion people with ...."

  13. lol....!!
    i ll think twice before asking something this simple question in future...!

  14. Whoa! That is some reaction. I liked your approach to vanish him!


  15. Did you make that up or do you really meet such characters? :O

  16. :D Lolz...I can so imagine this..I am sure he found something else offensive to steam off like that...wat do you think?

  17. Oh.. I can understand the situation!

  18. Next time you face a cynic, just say "have a nice day" & keep moving :)

  19. he missed.. indeed he has to ask - "r u have change for 1000.. if not - nope - give some now - me will give it back - when me get change:)"