Sunday, April 4, 2010

That bugger bugged me boss

I felt the balcony door being opened at 2am and sprung from my bed to see my roommate standing there.
“What the heck boss?”
“Pest,” he replied angrily.
Here’s someone calling me pest at that unseemly hour. I could not digest it, though I know I am one. Before I could react, he rushed in, put on the light and turned his bed. I saw 1,032 bed bugs crawling all around.
The first thing in the morning I summoned the pest-control guys.
“You did pest-control recently, what’s happening?” I screamed.
At 10 our guys will be there, assured an Arabic-English tone.
And two stout guys of Arabic-speaking African origin arrived.
While one guy set out on his task meticulously by spraying pesticide, the other guy straight went towards the TV cabinet and spread out all the DVDs.
What audacity! And that bum kept asking 10 times, “You have a CD for me?”
I quietly gave him a useless CD of my roommate (Hey, you guys don’t tell him hehe).
That bum wasn’t satisfied.
“No, no. I want ‘that’ CD.”
Vallah. I am a tubelight. I showed him a huge photo of my family in my hall.
“We family people,” I told in broken English. He dint look convinced. I had to literally throw him out. I did not give any tips either.
That bugger bugged me boss. Original pests are better.


  1. Things do keep happening to you! :D

  2. oh nice one... He must have meant that you watch 'that' CD to forget bugs!

  3. A 1032 bed bugs? Please tell me you were exaggerating. I just got done watching this movie called The Covenant and the girl dreams of more than a 1000 spiders around her bed. :O

  4. bed bugs! I heard they are very difficult to get rid of.

  5. vallah vallah tube light!! what did you think he wanted an alfred hitchcock movie??

  6. How come he was sure to find "that" CD at your friend's place?

  7. Hahhaa... :D whatever gave him that idea!!??!
    Ur life is so interesting!

    And thanks for stopping by.. I havent blogged in such a long time! :(

    Will do so soon!

  8. hahahaha! toooo much huh!! Btw.. thanks for pinging on my blog.. I lost touch to blogs due to this visit. But will be back this weekend and hopefully shud be regular then :)

  9. baapre..bed bugs are nightmares..I had a horrible experience with them back in hostel..they suck your brain too along with blood! they are literally bugging..

  10. What the....bed bugs and that man was a bugger! I hope you did not give him any CD! I wouldn't!!!

  11. Many many years back, bugs bit me in Sun theatre, while watching 'ulagam sutrum vaaliban'. I have never seen any, afterwards.

    Yes, but original pests are better than the one you described here, Ramesh.

  12. I seee a new blog from you in my Blogger Dashboard but link seems to be broken. Can you fix that? I can't get to it.

  13. Phew!!! exactly 1,032 bed bugs???

    Such a sharp eyesight you've got and I appreciate your spontaneity at counting restless insects :)

    And yes, actual pests are better than human pests :)

  14. Human pests get waaaay more annoying then real pests!

    Hope there was something to spray them off as well :P