Sunday, July 11, 2010

All for a reason

His words sounded like great philosophy.
Seeing me a little down in spirits, my colleague said: “There are certain things beyond our control. Worrying over unavoidable events is like throwing petrol on fire while attempting to douse it.”
“I was just thinking, not worried,” I replied.
But he went on to tell the story of a rat.
Repeatedly troubled by a cat, it went to a sage and told him about its plight. “Don’t worry, I will turn you into a cat,” said the sage. The cat was happy for a few days, but was haunted by a dog. “I will turn you into a deer.” The cheerful deer was chased by a lion. “There you go, now I turn you into a lion,” the sage told the deer. The lion was happy for a few days until it was caught by men and dumped in a circus cage. “Please make me a rat again,” it pleaded with the sage.
“Interesting,” I told him, and remembered an incident that boss SB had told me. He had asked a tiger reserve chief, “Why protect tigers? Let them perish.” The reserve official replied, “The ecological balance is like a jigsaw. You remove one and the entire structure is shaken. Tigers have their own important role.”
We were walking back smiling when I noticed my female friend stare at herself wherever there was a glass door or elevator mirror.
“You look good,” I told her and she replied, “Of course, I always do.”
I did not dare to dispute that, though I was not too sure.
After all, just a minute ago, I was also looking at the mirror and feeling the same way.


  1. Everything happens for a reason. Everything has a reason, to stay, to grow, to perish....

    Cheer up!

  2. I like this post a lot. Something we all need to remember.

  3. Good to see you sounding more upbeat. And as they say, this too shall pass.

  4. Join the dots backwards and u will get the answers.. everything has a reason which we cant comprehend but can only relate later :)

    Its like Matrix movie dialogue 'You are given choices but what you will choose is already decided!!" I just love this dialogue..

  5. Thanks for visiting my Blog Ramesh Sir - m really sorry for your loss. May God give you and your family the strength to cope up. As we say, life continues...nothing can stop it...we must live through hardships.

  6. Yes! We constantly search for happiness elsewhere when it is right in front of us. :(

  7. yeah. all for good, all is well.. and 'good' is always 'well' :)

    Chandana Shekar

  8. cheer up nanba! we do tend to get worked up for small stuufss..easier said than done...but not that difficult to imbibe.

    things will be alright.Just a matter of time..:)

  9. Felt like I was reading a Panchatantra tale. Amazing way to start the Monday morning.

    Really liked the post.

  10. Been a long time since I was online..
    Its good to be back and reading you again...
    I liked the post a lot....
    Keep the spirits up and mind focused on solutions and happiness and rest all flows eventually.....
    Take care! :)

  11. A very thought provoking post, thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. It is all for a reason, god has a bigger picture of things I guess.

    no harm in feeling you look good , cause we all our beautiful people...

  13. I always want to feel that look good. Not because I think I am pretty or something. It simply makes me feel confident and yeah, I sail happily through the day. Its not about appearances. If looking in the mirror makes you feel good then maybe you feel it from within as well. :)

    How you holding up buddy? How is the family doing?

  14. I am always good.So that keeps me motivated and enthusiastic . Cheer up friend.

  15. Good to see you take on life again! Keep looking at mirrors and at the ladies in the elevators..its good for you!

  16. Every body likes their mirror image! Because it mirrors their love for self! Good post.

  17. well am sure you heard of the story "mirror mirror on the wall.....who is the fairest of them all......"

  18. It always seems to be greener elsewhere, but then, it never is.

  19. boss..

    through the mirror -
    "whom u see.."