Thursday, July 8, 2010

Healing words

Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.
- Leo Buscaglia
I do not have words to thank fellow bloggers, my precious friends, who sent in touching words of consolation after my brother passed away. Wish you and your dear ones much peace and good health.
In a contemplative mood, I came across this Q&A where Yudhishtira (Truth representative) offered the answers. Thought will share with you.
“What is the most absurd thing in life?”
“We see millions of people around us die yet we never think we will die.”
“What rescues man in danger?"
"What is happiness?"
"Happiness is the result of good conduct."
How can one earn money? Of all the riches which is the best?
What is true wealth?
Money is to be earned by hard work. Learning is the best
of riches. Health is wealth.
What is faster than the wind? What troubles a person always?
The mind is faster than the wind. Worry troubles a
person always.
Who is a great man?
One who practices non-violence.
"Who accompanies a man in death?"
"What is that, abandoning which man becomes loved by all?"
"What is the loss which yields joy and not sorrow?"
"What is that, by giving up which, man becomes rich?"
"Desire, getting rid of it, man becomes wealthy."


  1. I wish I was half as brave as you are , given your situation ..appreciate you so much ..Much peace and strength ..

  2. so true..! we ourselves dont realise the importance of the life,

  3. Wishing you and your family peace and prayers.

  4. I hope with time, wounds will heal.

  5. Those are wise words. Although I am unable to practice most of them!

  6. very very nice are a very strong person Ramesh :)

  7. Answers are well known but It's hard to imply those in life. and whoever apply these, must be like SAINT, pure divine.
    But I believe, Desire, Anger, Pride all things given by Almighty only so why leave it? and I think it is what makes life. what will be the life without Desire!!!! I simply can not live without Dreams, Desire, Proud, Anger and other feelings....

  8. Great post, Ramesh. Very philosophical.

  9. Interesting Post Ramesh.

    "Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other"

    I think that is the essence of life. Love. With that in place, nothing else matters. If that fails, then everything else matters....

  10. Wise words. I'm sso orry to hear about your brother ... my condolences to you and your family.

  11. This post was a reminder for me too Ramesh.I lost my dear brother 4 years ago. I know how you feel. It is difficult to erase the memory of dear ones.Best thing like you said is to express love when people are alive not after they are gone.

  12. Very wise words.. You are very brave. May God bless your brother in peace.

  13. :) Hope you are doing good.

  14. I know its never possible to come out of ur loved ones loss.. never ever possible. But you start living the way they wanted u to be.. I dont want to sound phisophical but the most strange thing is time never heals but just teaches and makes u more humble..

  15. The post brings us back to what is truly sacred in life.

    No, dear friend, thanks to any one of us is not even required in moments like this when we are helpless to help one another. There is very little one can say in such times but it is good to be able to reach out to each other in such moments. The honor of knowing such a fine person like you is truly mine. I am saying this straight from the heart.

  16. good that ur copin up well with ur loss.. good memories will stay. just don give place for sorrow. god bless u.

  17. sorry to know about your brother.
    my condolences to you and your family.
    very wise words
    We see millions of people around us die yet we never think we will die.”

  18. loss is such an integral part of life, everything born has a seed of death in it.. this is the entire and only truth and yet when it happens, we are at a loss of how to cope, some more some less..but a loss definitely. I hope you keep the strength.

  19. hmm..keep the spirit alive ..and condolences.

  20. All so true, many thanks for your wise post. My favourite saying regarding loss is 'It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved'.

  21. Hello Ramesh,

    sorry for your brother,
    may his soul rest in peace.

  22. Philosophy is good consolation for a loss.

    In the absence of "absurdity", our lives would be even more chaotic.

    Let the spirit of living be immortal, even if the life is short..

  23. When someone close to us leaves this world, somehow it doesn't really feel as if they have left us forever. My mother passed away many years ago, but i still feel she is there.
    " People do not die for us immediately, but remain bathed in a sort of aura of life which bears no relation to immortality but through which they continue to occupy our thoughts in the same way as when they were alive. it is as though they were travelling abroad." Marcel Proust.
    I am sure you too will feel the same way regarding your brother : he will always be there.

  24. Challenges let us grow. Essentially they are a gift if we are willing to learn from them. I see it this way: I didn't loose my daughter, I gained a guardian angel. People are precious gifts in our life - we share our path for a while, and always should make the best of it. I wholeheartedly agree with Leo Buscaglia.
    Best wishes to your and your family!

  25. Lovely and Meaning ful article.My condolences also to your dear brother.

  26. I am so sorry to hear the news :(:(:(

  27. i freaked out when i lost my pet last week..:( U are a brave guy..
    all prayers and luck for ya..:)

  28. Nice, thoughtful post! Why do we miss people the most when they are gone. I lost my mom, and she was very young, 9 years back. I was newly married then and have so many regrets. I couldn't tell her how much I loved her. I never knew that her time with me was up, and she went away so suddenly. I still feel the pain after so many years. Can there be anyone in the world who can replace your family -- no one! My heartfelt wishes and lots of strength to you.

  29. Knowing you I'm sure you are coping well.

  30. So sorry to learn about your brother's demise. May his soul rest in peace. Your post contains eternal wisdom which one needs to remind oneself of again and again.

  31. Ramesh bhai I am sorry to hear this, I was away hence I did not read this .. So sorry to hear about this.

    I know words cant help.. but my condolensces wish I could do something.

  32. when me saw ur earlier post: the only thing striked me was ur old post..

    u beautifully described abt ur childhood fight with ur brother and how u had handled it (by acting to be fainted!)..

    every death has its own depth within us - that dependes on "how depth we are carrying them in our mind.."

    time is the only healer..

    take care - FRINED..