Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From ripples to tsunami

Got bored. Picked up “The leader who had no title” book by Robin Sharma. Guess what! Got more bored.
Nevertheless, sharing what I felt were interesting quotes from the book:
• We generally take the people we love the most for granted. Until we lose them. Then we take long, silent walks and pray for a second chance to treat them the way they deserved to have been treated. Don’t let that sort of regret infect your life.
• The average life has only 960 months.
• If a man is a street sweeper, he should sweet streets as Michelangelo painted or Beethoven composed. He should sweep so well that hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, “Here lived a great sweeper who did his job well.” –Dr Martin Luther
• Daily ripples of excellence – over time – become a tsunami of success. Every action has a consequence. Doors you did not know existed begin to open.


  1. Nice quotes Ramesh. But then were you sarcastic when you wrote that cheerful comment where I said I was down and out? :( Can't be and no I am not telling you, go figure.

  2. ha ha .. bored with Robin Sharmas books , try Arindam Chaudaris.. it put an insomnia like me to sleep ...

  3. oh dear... Got more bored :P the quotes mentioned are nothing different or out of ordinary...plain simple.

    Try 'Why So Stupid' I picked it from library, will share quotes....:D

    Btw if you are getting bored, just check out
    Holy Cow, A webcomic experimenting with webcomics...;)

    Holy Cow, A webcomic

    P.s. I was not marketing it ok, just you mentioned you got bored so giving you tools for next time. :P ;)

  4. great quotes..!

    esp. love the first one :-)

  5. Those were some nice quotes. I liked the sweeper one

  6. I totally agree with the 1st one :)

  7. Nice read as usual. Read quotes earlier too but good to read again.

  8. This is really motivating for me..I follow robin sharma on twitter and i find him boring:D

  9. Appreciate nice quotes, but, I must confess that I not a great reader of books.

  10. I like Dr. Martin Luther's quote a lot.We must be sincere in our work.
    take care friend.

  11. boss..

    me worked for a marwari business..
    every time there were problems with clearing house agents..
    me always used to tell my boss - "just quit them.."

    he used to say - "no arvind.. its a husband and wife relationship.. we will wait atleast for 10 quarrels - before quiting!!"


    but who has that amount of patience - as there are millions of doors open - every day!

  12. Next time you become bored go read our blogs.

  13. i SO not like to read non fiction! lack patience for that..anyway, take care buddy :)

  14. I haven't read any of Robin Sharma's books. But I believe the human failure to take someone for granted plays itself out often enough. When do we learn??

  15. I generally hate self-improvement books
    Loved the first quote though