Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time pass

Former Indian PM Morarji Desai was old when someone asked, “How do you pass time?” He shot back: “Why should I pass time, it will pass by itself.”
“Time pass” is a common word in Mumbai.
Ask someone what are you doing and the reply mostly will be “Time passing.”
“Why are going to that movie?” “Just like that. Time pass.”
I complained to a colleague: “Most of us forget that life is just not about time passing, but about passing time – fruitfully and pleasantly. Every now and then if we ask ourselves whether we are enjoying what we are doing, we get better answers.”
“Oh philosopher, what do suggest for me?” he asked.
“Do what you enjoy doing,” I lectured. “If you ask me, I enjoy writing. If I manage to do some exercise, I love it. If a caring friend drops in, I jump with joy. And if you give me a treat, I will go gaga over it.”
“Wait. Why are you giving this sermon?” he interrupted.
“Just time passing ya.”
** A woman was giving a speech, but realized she had gone on for too long.
“Sorry, I forgot my watch,” she apologized.
“But at least you could have seen the calendar next to you,” shouted someone.


  1. Hmm, you do turn philosopher in between! I am wondering if I love what I am doing?

  2. lol.. the last one was hilarious...

  3. Your anecdotes are really good. Time passing or passing time, time sure flies away!!

  4. lols .. as alwys ending a post with a punch ...

  5. I really enjoy your posts, they always have a nice twist in the end.
    I have people bugging me all the, as to how I pass my time or how kill time. I got so fed up , that I finally wrote a blog about it. You must come and read it and give me your opinion.

  6. he heeh loved the joke in the end .. and yeah its a good way to pass by lecturing others on PASSINGTIME :) he he hehe

  7. A good point you make, I must confess I have never thought of it like that.

  8. Morarji Desai is well known for his skills in replying a question by a question! Some body asked him about his age.. He told him that his age is a fourth of his official age! He was born on 29th February,1896!
    he he.. that was a comment for time pass!

  9. Did you chk the calender when you gave the sermon to your friend?.:)

  10. Aha Morarji, who lived to an age of 100+
    Reminds me of a cartoon about him where he was asked questions by a correspondent.
    Finally he retorted "Very good question. You aske one more question like that and I will have you thrown out of this room"

  11. your posts are always good timepass.... :) ....

  12. haha, the poor woman must have had a shock. Your point is very valid. Very few people actually value the importance of their time as well as that of the others.

  13. Sorry came for some timepass..Chao!!!:D

  14. haha..! i love the comment above :)

    btw nice post and i have noticed that you always ponder over such totally different and interesting stuff...

    hmm impressive

  15. LOL..i know those kinda despo's..who talk like there is no tom. GROS

  16. ah TP - we call it...almost everything i do in life is for tp..but isn't that with all of us?

    lol at speech thingi

    PS: Keeping a bit busy these blogs but comments seldom :P

  17. long speech by a woman?

    no comments..