Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chimpu outside the cage

How does a short guy feel when he meets a tall person?” asked my colleague.
“He will feel the same way a bald person does when he chats with a long-haired dude,” I replied.
“I can tell you how an intelligent person feels when talking to a fool,” he continued.
“The same way I feel right now talking to you,” he pulled my leg.
“I remembered and missed you yesterday evening,” I changed the subject.
“That’s sweet of you,” he was pleased.
“I was in the zoo,” I took my sweet revenge.
“Oh, was that you outside the chimpanzee’s cage at the zoo?” he continued.
Before I could reply, he snapped: “Someone was commenting the chimpu’s out of the cage and a man locked inside.”


  1. Woah! That friend of your's is really quick ha! Hehehe

  2. :D Your friend is fast with comebacks!

  3. It is fun to be around who are witty but pulling my leg all the time would leave me at a loss for words...

  4. Quickwitted you guys are! I always wonder about your work place, you make it sound so cool, so happening and interesting with loads of conversations. Wish I would get a job like that after graduation

    BTW belated diwali wishes to you, I missed your previous post :( .


  5. ha haa haaaaaaaaaaaa so sweet!
    Chimpu ..bhai out side ...guess havin some fun!
    tc keep smiling..

  6. ha ha.. he is really intelligent.. you too are.. everything fine at home front.. thanks for the concern..

  7. Those were quick taunting replies from both of you! Both were good!

  8. You had no chance. :) He he....

  9. Good one. Hope you enjoyed diwali.take care

  10. Very sharp, that friend of yours :). I love this camaraderie that we can only share with friends.

  11. Very witty friend, I must say...
    I can never come up with such replies on the spur of the moment.
    Hey I'm passing by Dubai on my way back to India on 5th Nov..

  12. hahah!

    once some one was boasting of an imported deodorant. when he asked me snobbishly what brand I use, i just replied 'I bathe everyday!'


  13. Hello Ramesh ji,
    Thank you so much for everything!
    Thanks also for finding motivation in my post, and to smile, be happy, and cheers have all learnt from you n ur wonderful blog!
    ~~ CHEERS ~~

  14. That's probably what is called smart n witty. :) Very nice post.