Monday, November 7, 2011

In defence of blogs

Again my friend annoyed me by saying: “Shut your blog and use your time for something better.”
I want to answer him with Seema’s post.
I know Seema only through her blog. We have not interacted through chat or phone, though I have done so with many blog friends. We keep motivating each other with positive words. I think Seema’s post is an inspiration for those who feel negative and pessimistic in life. 
Here it is exactly as in her blog:


I am happy to tell all my blogging buddies and to my dear blog, i got a job!
Now anyone on this earth would say, what great deal in that?
The reason why it is a great deal for me is, I had not taken up any job after I completed my studies. There were ample reasons for it. And I was happy being at home, atleast for some days. Then slowly i started getting frustrated, and a time arrived where I felt, i was not worth for a job. Buddies i tell you, don't ever be frustrated, depressed, feel worthless. It is the worst feeling you can ever have.
But then i don't know how, i got into a touch with a placement consultancy, he arranged an interview for me the same day. And i got selected in a very first attempt. I have stepped into an altogether different world. Its an MNC which is the leading one in the industry of travel and leisure. I have got a realization that its not a very flashy job when it comes to "PACKAGE". But its totally fine with me. I am here to learn, to get a good experience. And apart from that, monetary returns were not the only motivation why i have taken up this job. The other reasons are, that i get to live with my family, take good care of my mother, look after my home, live in my hometown...
These factors have motivated me enough to take up not-so flashy job, but i tell you i am learning a lot.
I am feeling so happy when i write this...and here i discover another hue of life, happiness is not a matter of things, its a matter of spirits!!!
P.S.: A special thanks to R. Ramesh, (of GLOBAL MADRAS
I), a blog buddy who has been so supporting and encouraging me to get through. Your comments are valuable to me! Thanks, once again!!   


  1. People target me all the time saying that I am wasting my time in blogging and living in a virtual world!!

    That never changed by love and perspective of blogging and never will! :-)

  2. :) One more good reason not to shut down your blog

  3. Good to know a little more about you. Not a waste of time at all, I'd be lost if all my good blogger buddies were to take your friends advice and stopped blogging. Thanks for the link, i'm away to visit Seema now.

  4. Thank you for introducing Seema's blog. Just visited and it is fantastic. Will be back for more later. Take care!

  5. This quip usually comes from people who either cant write atleast 1/10ths as good as all the bloggers or from the group of people who dont have a life. And I can certainly understand the predicament that you are in. So, don't heed to what others might say and just go the way your mind tells you.

    My first comment on your blog ended up all of us defending the very essence of blogging. Awesome! :)

  6. Ramesh,

    Tell your friends you would not have met me if you did not blog. That is one big reason for blogging. Second reason is NRI and ...list is long......

  7. Wow. And, I hear that many times too that blogging is wasteful. To me, it is not and that is what matters :).

  8. Rameshji..I think your blog is a precious please continue writing..i am here to get the tidbits you share through this page..

  9. Great to know about Seema .Benefits of blogging are immense and can not be described in few words.I met wonderful friend like you through blogging.Need i say more.

  10. yes seema is right. This blog is a cheer spreader like I told before we don't need a robin sharma, carnegie or stephen covey, we have global madrasi.

    keep going.....

  11. Infact, after reading this post I just realised how important it is to have your blog- its not just about writing, its a true expression of ones thoughts and feelings!! And ofcourse your blog is good :)


  12. Blogging is a wonderful thing, look how many people I know . I know you :) and so many others

    your friend seema congrats to her..


  13. great..the happiness shared by all blog friends.

  14. Let me confess.
    When I scheduled my time management,I am happy I did provide for time for blogging. trust me, I feel I am using my time very constructively.

  15. great post..keep blogging! cheers!

  16. Never shut your blog! bloggers have some hidden powers, which i have been discovering through these three years of my blogging life n m loving it :)

  17. Ramesh, that's the best thing about friendship.. there is nothing wrong about it. Keep blogging and making friends!

  18. Thank you Ramesh ji! This is real honour to me and my blog!
    Thank you, to all the wonderful people out there who spared time to visit my blog and comment! Really this has encouraged me even more!
    About blog, blog is something which has helped me know myself and people around me in a better way!