Friday, November 11, 2011

Those awkward moments

Three of us were discussing the embarrassing moments we had faced.
I started: A famous editor AS had joined our newspaper and was engrossed in a conversation with a colleague. There was a call on the landline and I did not hear the name properly.
I surmised it was for that editor and called him out loudly, “Boss, call for you.” He was surprised. “How come on landline!” He walked slowly and picked up the phone.
In a second, he returned the receiver saying “not for me.” His eyes did reflect the “You fool” look. Actually, that mumbling caller wanted to talk to me.
My second friend joined in:
“Your experience was better, mine is bitter. I had a fight with my girl friend. She was shouting at me and I could not take it anymore. I screamed at her for a couple of minutes - only to realise that she had cut off the phone much earlier.”
Both of you are lucky, said our third friend.
“I and Sam were standing at the loo and blasting our boss. When we were washing our hands, the toilet door opened and out emerged the boss.”
“OMG. Did he sack both of you?” we asked.
“Luckily, he had put on the mobile earphone and must have been listening to music. We presume so as there was no major repercussion.”


  1. hmm....once early morning...I woke up from deep sleep as someone was knocking at the door...continuously...I opened the door and closed it readily...when I returned to my beloved husband asked me who was there?...

    I told him to go back to sleep as it was some the old beggar woman...but when the knock started again...more beloved husband went to see...

    After few hours when I opened my eyes to the sunlight...I came to know...that it was my mother in law...graciously offering us the breakfast...

    ahh....I can't tell what happened NEXT...

  2. famous editor AS!


    hehehe ;D

  3. Yes, we have all had one of those moments, mine was when a friend of mine was showing me some photos on her newly born grandson and accidently scrolled onto some photos of her husband wearing nothing but a paper party hat on his head - whoops.

  4. lol ,I thought exactly the same thing 'Famous editor AS '.

  5. Embrassing moments.. oh gosh a lot happen to me.. I'd rather need a complete post for it. The ones you've jotted down here are hilarious.

  6. Yes, I agree the third one was a close shave. ;)

  7. hehe very entertaining. Thanks for the humor you always provide :).

  8. ohh good one sir.. hehe:P

    Weakest LINK

  9. Lol.. Funny!! Its my first visit here. I enjoyed being here :)

  10. Hello, I am new to your blog from Petty's blog, Pen and Paper.

    Very humorous post!

  11. Ahem.... really nice. Only one each? Lucky people. :D

  12. lolzzzzzzzzz...
    all were lucky...I love the gf part ...
    lucky her!

  13. Such incidents do happen sometimes :)

  14. If i sit down to express mine,one will need a lot of sheets and i need to be able to handle the embarrassment.

  15. ha ha.. nice ones and that of thinking too..