Thursday, August 5, 2010

Deciding what is decided

To speak in an assembly of learned without proper knowledge is like playing chess on a board without squares, said a Tamil poet.
“You may be stupid, but don’t exhibit your stupidity,” was my dad’s constant advice.
So I decided to keep mum when friends discussed destiny.
“Nothing called destiny. Man chooses his own path,” M argued vehemently. “If A is destined to murder B, why punish A?” insisted AS.
“We cannot do a damn when situations are forced upon us. A soccer player whose dream it was to shine in the World Cup football got injured just before the match. What is it if not destiny?” asked SB.
“Bum, why are you mum?” all three shouted at me.
“I prefer to keep quiet on a subject I do not understand,” I replied.
“See, destiny can make even this chatterbox mum,” replied SB with glee.
Personally, I go by blogger Vinita’s Matrix line: You have a right to decide, but what you decide has already been decided.
***A judge asked a pickpocket: Do you accept your guilt?
“I am poor and was destined to do this,” replied the accused.
“Sad. I am destined to punish you. Go to jail.”


  1. he he...

    The way I am destined to follow you and have a hearty laugh on your posts:D

  2. I can not discuss this subject, but can tell you that it is ONLY destiny

  3. That could be viewed as either a very lame or mature way of facing life-depending on our outlook.

  4. I cannot start to write about destiny here as it will be one whole post in your comment box :P

    about your quotes, I remember one on stupidity too..

    I am patient with stupidity, but not those who are proud of it..

    - by yours truly :D

  5. .....That I have to meet my blogger friend Ramesh is destiny.

  6. Just 2 days ago, I over heard two men talking about Super natural Power and destiny, 'why is that your hand or toes not growing twice its length?' ....the other .."?" ..."because even your physical growht is destined!"

    In my earlier job some one commented, "I tend to believe that there is God and destiny". ...."our company is still running inspite of all those stupid executives"!

  7. I have to read about 'stupidity' - that is my destiny...

  8. Yup!! Dont throw your gyan and opinions on subjects you do not know. Thats wise!!

  9. ...i too keep mum when destiny comes...i think wat happnes is said destiny..nthing is written b4,,,

  10. We create our destiny I think, along with our stupidity. It's all "good". Great post!

  11. :) Destiny. We make our own destiny now, don't we?

    The best movie I like about destiny is Serendipity. Watch it sometime, if you haven't already. You'll get some funny blog material, methinks :)

  12. can not answer in two lines.
    this subject needs full detailed article.

  13. Ha ha..I like the title..Well,'s already decided that I should comment on this post!

  14. I kept smiling throughout the time I was reading it. In some ways, I agree to what you've stated "You have a right to decide, but what you decide has already been decided."

    In life, I made my choices but looking back now, I see that many significant things were already decided before I thought I had decided them.

  15. I guess we are just puppets..and have the leeway only as much as the pupeteer's leash permits!

  16. i guess its been decided that i will disagree:)
    but whether one believes or not, its pointless to worry over destiny.

  17. What advice to give - I loved learning about your fathers views on not showing your stupidity. A great post, thanks.

  18. My stupidity is just destiny? Am I glad it's not my

    Btw, what happened to your header? Looks like it shriveled. I like the background, though.

  19. our destiny is in our hands...we are sole responsible fr whatever is happening or going to happen in our life...

    You have a right to decide, but what you decide has already been decided..vry true

  20. boss..

    feel -
    for you
    it is a
    "tiny" issue!