Sunday, August 1, 2010

Future is bright

Friend Anil has worked in major newspapers and has a good sense of humour. He dropped in and shared this joke:
Two donkeys grew up together. One landed in the palace for job, while the other went to a laundryman’s home.
After many years the two met again.
“How do you do?” asked the tired donkey of the washerman.
“Life is great. They take good care of me in the palace and there is very little work,” replied the royal donkey. “But what happened to you? Why have you lost so much weight?”
“Well. The washerman makes me work too hard. I am forced to carry heavy weights and also beaten up often,” the donkey replied, showing some bruises.
“Why don’t you escape from that stupid washerman?” asked the royal donkey.
“I don’t want to. After all, my future is bright.”
“How do you say that?”
“Every night the washerman fights with his wife and shouts, ‘very soon I will divorce you and get our daughter married to our donkey’.”


  1. Lol :)
    Have a nice weekend friend!

  2. Hope springs eternal-
    donkey is no exception

  3. What a future for the donkey!! Wow!!

    :-) And appreciate its optimism.

  4. haha! ive heard this one before :D

  5. True; Ramesh I have been telling you, 'all donkey's work will never go waste'!

  6. that was funny! I like donkeys, they are cute!

  7. That was funny. He really was a donkey to believe that crap :).

  8. Nice one to start my Monday morning.Enjoy the day

  9. ho my god..


    thank god..
    as there is no case of adultery!