Sunday, August 15, 2010

When dung hits, lie low

Friend Anil dropped in and I told him that you guys/gals liked the management anecdotes he shared last week. He thanked you all and shared two more that he heard from someone.
A little bird found itself unable to join the rat race. It got confined under a tree and could not move. A bull passed by and its dung covered the bird’s body. Slowly the warmth of the dung made the bird feel cozy. For some time it enjoyed the thrill and then it could control no longer. It started with a mild hum and then a loud song. A cat nearby had earlier not realized there was a bird, coz of the dung cover. When the song became louder, the cat cleared the dung, found the bird and had a hearty meal.
Moral: When surrounded by shit, just be quiet and wait for your time to sing and dance.
A rabbit saw an eagle perched majestically on a tree. “Can I also sit merrily like that?” asked the rabbit. “Do as you like,” came the reply. The rabbit imitated the eagle, closed its eye, sat royally under the tree when a jackal passed by. Stunned by the rabbit’s audacity, the jackal came close by and gave a mild slap. The rabbit continued the posture and the jackal tore it apart.
Moral: To sit majestically on the top without work, you really have to be on the top.


  1. So true, esp liked the one abt being on the top!!

  2. Good ones!
    Modern day panchatantra tales!!

  3. haha...! lovely. so different and refreshing...!

  4. Nice lessons ! Thanks !Happy Independence Day !

  5. I have read them earlier. but each time they make me think how true they are!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I liked the pard "Moral of the story" true!

  7. *********--,_
    ,--;_/*******HAPPY INDEPENDENCE*_/*****.|*,/
    \__************** DAY **********'|****_/**_/*

  8. i know this actually means..:when in deep shit,keep ur mouth shut"...:P
    not to be seen on my page..ever after writing a line about u..Tch Tch *sigh*

  9. :-) Nandri to you too. I will be coming to Dubai this 20th. On my way to San Francisco :-)

    Neenga ketta timing was perfect. :)

  10. hi...

    I follow your blog, but rarely comment. I know it might sound selfish, but I have tagged you on my blog, for the simple reason that I think you might do justice to the tag.

    I leave it upto you to take it or leave it.

    I would still follow your writing nevertheless. See u there.

  11. Happy Independence day greetings!!
    Keep sharing beautiful stories wth strong messages.

  12. I will take that shit thing serious.

    And happy belated independence day. I am late again, but it's the thought that counts, eh? (That's my excuse and I stick with it).

  13. i like the rabbit one...the last time my mom had told me that story 2 years ago and afta that now...nice moral....

  14. Ramesh,

    I read a slightly different version but you made it real good :) Always fun to read your posts.

  15. Nice stories... with a moral. :)