Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Truth about youth

Unfair. Talk about children and everyone goes ga ga. “Oh, today’s kids, they are sharp, smart, splendid. (See comments for Papa don’t preach)
Ask about today’s youth and rest assured of the reply: “Oh, today’s youth. They have no values, dumbos. They have no focus.” Blah, blah, blah.
Poor youth (like me!!) are always at the receiving end.
The complaints against youngsters date back to centuries.
See what Socrates wrote about the youth of those days:
“Our youth love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise; they no longer rise when elders enter the room; they contradict their parents and tyrannise teachers."
And the tradition continues.
Parents should stop blaming youngsters and accept Gen gap. The gap is widening by the day, and not years.
A woman and daughter were fighting, when a friend advised, “Step into your daughter’s shoes and look at the problem.”
She replied: “Her shoes are small and don't fit me.”


  1. Hmm I somehow feel the youth is just about OK these days too, I make my living my interacting with them day in and out!

  2. Yes, the Gen. gap continues and will continue always, Ramesh! We will never understand youth and youth will never understand their middle aged parents!

  3. I agree with you, Ramesh. But I think I was a spoilt unfocused youth in my time he he he...but to think that this has been going on since Socrates times...yep, it is generation gap:-)

  4. truely said...it is not generation gap by years but by day...accepting anything new is difficult for anybody...whatever we have been doing is perfect...it is a mindset ... to prevent this we have to change according to time little by little to understand the previous generation and the next generation...nice post got me thinking : )


  5. Its sad that poor youth like you are always at the receiving end :-D

    Give it back to them!1

  6. so true...!

    oldies should really step into our shoes sometime!

  7. I think we cannot generalise on this.
    All youth are not dumbos.
    I think it is the ones who are with the silver spoon who get spoil t.

  8. What to do?

    We, youngsters have to put up with such comments from oldies all the time!

  9. Now a days i hear my hubby make remarks whenever he sees a young couple/b.f n g.f walking together or on a bike together.He says...'look they have no shame to walk like this,they fear and respect none.'
    In my head i go like this..hellooo,look who is talking ?We had started dating as soon as we joined college ,i was 18 ,he was 20.
    How conveniently we forget how we were in our youth.

  10. My son's shoes are too big for me :)

  11. LOl..u know what?? Gen gap is there..and its our parants who should accept that..! Whats common between my grand parents and me?? Its that we have a common enemy!! :P :D

    P.S Tozhi is all i could sum up for a girl-friend! Shivaji Ganashan movies have em eh?? Snegidi seems a little too formal...or say politically correct!! If u get any other word,keep me informed about it!

  12. Absolutely true. I feel that we should always feel young even the old people should not think about their age rather they should be always happy with the young people.

  13. yeah thats true but then the youth are going to be OLD and they will be saying the same about the youth in there time .. have a think

    when we grow old and we stop doing this to the youth at that time maybe this will BREAK :) what say

  14. Et tu Subu???

    But of course, when man's average life span
    has increased to 70, we ought to push the outer
    limit for youth too!!

  15. age is a frame of mind. if we think we are young, there won't be any gaps:)

  16. generation gap - parents behave like kids and kids behave like a new born (no brain of their own)..

    how have you been? I have not been commenting too frequently, but have been reading you regularly. this template loads very slow. n so many of blogs I read have it. comment form does not load only :-S

  17. Oh yes, so true! We are always cribbing, and it is the same with every generation.

  18. As we grow older and learn more, we grow proud. May be that's why the impatience with the small size shoes ;)

    Hope you are well. As long as your daughter is safe and sound, it's all well.