Monday, August 2, 2010

Top to bottom, bull shit

Bull shitting may take one to the top but it will not help him/her sustain and only lead to downfall.
“Lemme tell you a management story I heard,” friend Anil went on.
An ostrich met its friend, a bull.
“Why are you looking forlorn?” asked the bull.
“I am bird but am not able to fly and sit peacefully on that tree,” cried the ostrich.
“Is that all the matter? Try tasting my dung. It is full of energy and you will reach the tree top easily,” suggested the bull.
The ostrich started with a peck. It jumped a little, succeeded, and became happy. It tried more dung, jumped higher and felt more happy. It ate a lot of dung and hopped on to the tree top with ease. It then looked around joyfully, when a hunter arrived, saw the bulky bird, shot it and took it home for dinner.


  1. Well who is that management guru? Ostrich or Bull?

  2. We must learn to count our blessings,. There is beautiful mesg. in your story.

  3. The motto is not to complain with what you have!

  4. why every story associated with bullshit has a sad ending ??

  5. it really happened..

    one of my earlier boss used to prepare medicine from cow dung and tested the same with the employees (infact he hired us - for TESTING!)

    it worked..

    my blood pressure became normal - as he assured.

    But instead raised the pressure of remaining members of the family.. "COW BOY!"

    (me have to quit and to find another job and inturn it raised my blood pressure to an unbelivable level - is another story!)

  6. ayyo paavam! I did read a line somewhere which said,not all who throw shit at u are enemies and not all who remove u from one are friends..err to that!

  7. nice
    but if the bull had asked the ostrich to pay, wouldn't it have helped the bull...

  8. You have conveyed wonderful message through your post. I liked it very much.
    Wish you a Happy Friendship Day.

  9. what do you expect if you agree to eat shit! great message Ramesh

  10. A funny post, yet so deep in meaning.

    You know, this should be a part of books on corporate culture.

    True, unprecedented success results in sudden doom.

  11. Ooh La La! Love the new look & vibrant colours. :)

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  13. blog looks great..

    baapre Ramesh, management gyaan? :O

  14. hahahaha :D :D poor ostrich :P
    and why do i suddenly feel like the ostrich :P

  15. Management gyan..I have one here -

    "Never underestimate your abilities, that's your manager's job" :-D

  16. management lesson?


    what is going on
    with the dung?