Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple sample

Talking of strangers, yesterday I had a pleasant incident.
There was this elderly gentleman in full suit when I entered the elevator.
As soon as he saw me, he said with a broad smile, “Good morning.”
I reciprocated.
“You journalist?”
“Yes sir.”
“My name is Othman. Pleasure meeting you. Have a great day.”
And he was gone when the elevator stopped on second floor.
Simple incident, but I still am amazed.
A few seconds and he had passed on such positive energy.
Wow. Wish I could be like that.


  1. Yeah, exchanging simple pleasantries amongst strangers can be quite a big factor in uplifting the overall vibe and energy of the place....
    Maybe thats why North American countries here value Human life and everything related to it so much? I could be wrong..but I wonder if this is the reason...
    Its so different from India!

    Just a thought....

  2. Wow... yes sir...such small small things do make your day...:)

  3. This habit of greeting or even giving a happy smile at strangers is fading now.

    I came across a person today at Madhya Kailash temple, here. He was telling somebody that he had come back home from the US for good and he was happy about the decision. He was giving a broad smile to each and everybody, who were waiting for the screen to open, at the temple. Everyone returned it reluctantly. I did like that first and then gave a broad smile and said welcome back. I felt very happy later.

  4. You do pass on a lot of smiles with your posts! And that too counts.

  5. some people just meet you and spread smiles around you..

    you are one such person too :)

    aila, rhyme ho gaya na :D

  6. true! it always feel good when you do small good things for strangers whom you know will never meet again.....its the memories that you carry of them that stays forever and that sure gives you a positive feeling in life.

  7. well... your smiling face on your profile photo...that's positive energy!!
    don't get too much of it or we will have you blogging from the moon!

  8. Personality, sir, personality and psitive vibes.

  9. I guess a cheerful smile and a pleasant greeting, though small gestures, really count a lot. I will also concentrate on giving more smiles, though it is dangerous to give them to strangers :). They might take it otherwise ;)

  10. Smiling faces have become very rare commodity.You are lucky.

  11. Oh yes such small incidents give you a different kind of high & energy. I have encountered many such incidents in the elevator :)

  12. Now that was a good start to the day! :)

  13. The power of a few kind but casual words and a smile is often underestimated. Even a bit of eye contact and a simple nod can make much of a change even though the connection is over after a split second.

  14. oh wow! it was a very pleasant meeting.


  15. Some people are always happy and make others happy.