Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thy name is hospitality

I can’t believe this ya. She rang up to say we will meet at a mall around lunch time. I was damn hungry. I reached there and was glad to see her at the food court. I told her I will pick up some fried rice for her.
“I will go and pick it up myself,” she replied and vanished.
“Wow, at least some sponsor,” my crooked mind murmured.
She returned with a chicken burger, French fries and Pepsi.
“I am a veggie,” I said.
“Sure you don’t mind my eating,” she questioned.
“No hassle,” I replied.
Grrr. My tummy was hissing. And then I noticed she had started munching.
The burger was gone, the fries were being gulped in seconds and all through there was not a word of “Take it.”
Shucks. I literally watched the glutton celebrating her lunch.
I had to rush alone to a nearby restaurant after she finished her “business discussion” and moved off.
Thy name is hospitality, my friend.
Just remembered. I and my wife were climbing the stairs to our fifth floor Mumbai house. At the third floor, Mr S stopped us. How can you go without having tea? He literally dragged us into his house, when I noticed his wife signaling to him “no milk at home.” He was a jobless man and had a handicapped daughter.
Strange world.


  1. Ramesh you have said it well, strange world. Hope you had a nice lunch afterwards.

  2. Strange indeed! Have never met such a glutton!! Looks like we can do with a friendly neighbour at our doorstep?

  3. she must have wondered why you didnt offer to pay for the burger??? Strange world indeed!

  4. Hahaha....simple yet so enetertaining...
    I am so in awe of your writing style!!
    I wonder if that woman knows you had a blog and she is on it now, with her burger!! :D

  5. Wow! That's rude. :O Business lunch? Even more rude :O

  6. You sure meet some strange people; ha ha
    and thanks for ur comment, me-hunbled :)

  7. Thanks for the words Mr. Ramesh. This is with response to your comment on the Canada`s immigration post...
    The post truly is meant to be like a reality check for everyone who is applying for canada...
    Its not like its an absolute no no...but what is happening is that there are too many things that are not known and we dont anticipate a lot of things...
    When they pile up, its hard to keep a long term vision and very easy to be surprised..... you know, thinking just of how the expectations were not meant ....

  8. Oops..I meant expectations are not met.
    and by all means, forward by blog link to the friend of yours and incase they need any help with information and realities here, I can provide that...!

  9. It's a bad bad world time she asks u for a meeting, take some burgers in ur pocket !!!!

    Imagine she will start to eat, and u will take that stuff out of ur pocket !!!

  10. It takes all kinds to make the world an interesting place...we need the likes of the first to be able to appreciate the second!!

  11. Oh.. Thats not quite a civilized behavior :( btw.. Its woman's day today so will not say anything bad for a woman :P

  12. Strange world indeed! But interesting, right?

  13. It is a strange world.
    It only takes is time to understand.

  14. hey that was bad......strange world with even stranger people.

  15. tcch!!! U assumed too much I say :D

  16. Sokrates: “Don’t take soup. It will invigorate hunger and force you to eat junk food.”

    and my own pearl: "Don't expect anything and you will be happy."