Monday, March 15, 2010

Strange stranger

I remembered Husain, my college classmate, after all these years. That bum used to appear suddenly from nowhere, beat me alarmingly from behind and laugh. That was his way of showing affection.
And why did I remember him suddenly?
I was walking on the corniche when I saw this man.
He went off instantly, “Hey boy. Haven’t met for months. How you doing?”
Who is he? My baffled mind switched on the “search” mode. After two minutes “No result.” Obviously, he had mistaken me for some other friend.
“Hiiii,” I put on a plastic smile and asked, “So how’s family?”
“Hey. You know we got separated,” he replied with a grim face.
Holy God. How am I to know that.
“Sorry man,” I kept the drama alive.
Luckily he also floundered.
“Anyway, how is your son?” he asked.
Son. When did I get a son? As far as I know I have two daughters.
“Hey. My daughters are fine ya,” I tried to wriggle out.
“C Ya,” he escaped at last looking behind three times to confirm that he had confronted a mad man.
Ya. Why did I remember Husain?
This donkey held my hand so tight during the entire conversation - just like Husain would do - I could not wriggle out despite invoking my fitness gurus Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzneggar and Putin.


  1. Ha Ha!!! Can't believe this actually happened..

  2. very funny! I guess, both of you were in the same state of amnesia :)

  3. Hahahaha...very funny. I enjoyed very much. Wonderful post.

  4. It happens in the reverse for me...LOL...I am the one who forgets

  5. Very amusing. =)

    I'm finally finding a bit of time to read blogs again and I love reading yours.

    My husband is back at the hospital over the day and it gives me time to "breathe and wash my hair". I know that I have "a million" other things to do but I feel like having a day off right now. Feels just as "bad" as skipping school... ;o)

  6. Do you really manage to end up in situations like these?

  7. poor you Ramesh..haath tod diya stranger ne? hmmm..take care karo ok :)

  8. hahaha...nowadays, whenever my moods are down, I come here to cheer myself up, Ramesh! This too is a nice one, as always!

  9. Search mode and plastic smile....didn't know you could be such a fake...haha...

  10. hello im back!glad to read one of your posts again pls come visit my blog also I am back writing!

  11. hi shasha nice to c ya back...hey i am not able to reach yr site ya...says blocked..plz check

  12. Its better to reinforce what you heard about the person you meet.. his name.., his job.. number of children.. their gender.. etc and repeat like a bearer in restaurant.. so that you remember again when u meet him.

    BTW Mr. Suresh.. sorry Ramesh...hw are u?!