Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Smart, smarter, smartest

(Photo Thanks: Nisham)
(This photo taken on my outdated mobile)
It’s raining cats and dogs in Sharjah. I have to cross a subway to reach office. When I got to the subway, I was stunned to see it filled with knee-deep water.
Some smart Keralites and Bangladeshis were using mall trolleys to ferry people from one end to other. Just that they charged Dhs5 for the ride.
Some other office goers were smarter. They picked up plastic covers lying all around, covered their shoes and started moving.
Your friend has to be smartest, right? I looked around, picked my shoes and socks, merrily walked across looking at others like Mr Bean would.
Once on the other side of the subway, I sat on the railings, put on my socks and shoes with thorough contentment.
When I got up to move on, it happened. That damn truck which was speeding across splashed such dirty water on my shirt, I can still feel the stink.


  1. that was indeed the smartest way.. :D

    but, jo jute bachane ke liye Mr. Bean bane; wohi jute ki waje se shirt kharab ho gayi..you are indeed the smartest :P :D

  2. I'm so glad I live in a village and not the city when it's raining....

  3. OH poor you! Holi of a different kind!!...great pics

  4. just knee deep? :O
    then probably you should come to mumbai during monsoons
    something better awaits you :P


  5. Ramesh! Whenever we trek and we have to cross a shallow river, we do the same, take off shoes and socks and wade through! Only luckily for us, no trucks are around!

  6. Rain in Sharjah...that must be a rare occasion - enjoy it. Just hope your shirt wasn't white...lol...or just stay in the rain and cool down:)

  7. hmmmmm....smartest idea !!!!

  8. Please change your cell phone(and pass the old one to me).I am glad that you saved your shoes and as for the shirt...washing powder Nirma !!!

  9. Lol Hahahaha....poor you! I absolutely hate getting wet and dirty in the rains!

  10. Smart..Smarter...Smartest...Shit..Shirt...lol

  11. I am glad I found your blog!
    Looks like so much fun....love ur writing style...
    I am gonna stay and wait for more fun stuff to come.....!!

  12. 'Your friend has to be smartest, right? I looked around, picked my shoes and socks, merrily walked across looking at others like Mr Bean would.' - Very very smart. Barefoot walking in water is fun!

    I can imagine how you felt. Dirty people!

    I liked Neha's comment! Isn't it true, Ramesh?!

  13. Still shoes were saved which you wanted...:D

    I read in the newspaper..It must be really bad otherwise wouldn't have made a national news..

    take care :)

  14. Moral of the story - Too much of anything is ba;, be it biriyani or the unexpected rain in Dubai and Sharjah! :)

  15. I would like to be diplomatic and say "poor you, how did you manage" but to be honest, this post had me smiling from start to finish and let me tell you, thats exactly why I visit you. You make me smile even when you narrate these real stories.