Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sportive spirit

I was sipping coffee when the phone went alive.
“Is it Raameesshhh?”
“Yep, who’s this?” I asked.
“Arreee yaarr. Nausheeerrvaan here.”
“Whattt? Naushi? Monkey, where are you calling from?” I was shouting with excitement.
“Vallah. Tomorrow lunch at Sharjah City Centre,” I told him.
And we met.
Why all this exhilaration?
It’s just coz this guy was my colleague more than a decade ago. He was with the sports department of The Times of India, Mumbai. To catch up with a good friend after a decade is a great feeling. And we connected with a couple of other common friends here.
Naushi keeps travelling to Greece. He loves junk food. He prefers to remain single. To cap it all, he has a wonderful sense of humour. After all, he is a sports journalist and had come to the region to cover the Bahrain Formula 1 event.


  1. I caught up with school friends both from KG to 12th after 20 years! I know the feeling.

  2. nice pic
    is it from that get together ?

  3. wow!!! Seriously catching up with old friends is always a pleasure :)

    A trip down the memory lane is always welcome na?

  4. Meeting an old friend is always a pleasure.Thanks for sharing your joy with us Ramesh.

  5. It's great to meet friends after a long time..

  6. Meeting old friends can be a pleasure trip most times but I wouldn't say always because a lot of times, even friends change and somehow don't want to take the conversation beyond basic hi's and bye's which can leave you feel pretty bad if you were very enthusiastic about the meeting in the first place. Its good to read your post as always.

  7. Sounds like you had fun. Meeting old friends is fun but I am not sure if thats the case always. There are instances when one feels thrilled about meeting an old friend and the person has changed so much that he/she wants to just say hi and get away. In such moments, you start wondering what friendships are now all about. I am not talking about all friendships but some turn sour and you don't even know why. Nice to know that you had a good time.

  8. Oh wow...!! even my last post was on catching up with friends after 10 years!
    ..n yeah.. it is indeed a great feeling! :)

  9. Meeting very old friends is always fun. Until then we will never know that we can interact with them like before even after so many years.


  10. Any one who is single will have a sense of humour.
    Marriage is humour.

  11. When you meet your old friends after a long gap, you realise how the whirlwind of present has taken away the zing things of the past...! But in your case.. it appears to be intact...

  12. I love meeting old friends too...


  13. Its a great feeling to meet with a friend after a long time. I also met with my school friend in India after 16 years and I was very much excited.

  14. Catching up with old friends is awesome!