Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don’t pass word, sister

I was reading a report in New York Times which said that several computer users utilise easy-to-guess passwords. Among the common passwords identified are 12345, abc123, monkey, friends, Iloveu and sunshine.
When I discussed this with a close friend, he asked: “Do you know passwords can create wars at home?”
“I was checking my mail one night,”he started. “And went off to bed without signing off.”
“My sister-in-law came to the room in the morning and saw the computer on. She was about to shut it down, when she noticed my sister’s name in my inbox,” he paused.
“What had she written?”
“A splash of four-letter words against my in-law. She advised me never to listen to her. Rest of the content I won’t tell you.”
“Then what happened,” the gossip monger in me was curious.
“What will happen? A domestic war erupted. Both of them stopped talking to me for a week. It took a lot of persuasion to bring the warring factions together.”
“Sorry,” I acted as if I am genuinely sad. This is so common in my house, why will I tell him that!
“Anyway I am happy,” my friend concluded.
“My sister-in-law did not see another mail which was much more damaging and had stronger 4-letter words.”


  1. Better i should be cautious then:)

  2. Ha ha ha !! This was funny but he should have chewed his sis- in law for snooping into his mail first!! She had no business reading his mail!!You know what they say eavesdropper never hear anything good about applies here too!

    Anwyay, one has to be careful with mail. Heard of people getting fired coz the boss has access to all mails employees use and that has been the dwonfall of many!!

    Thanks for this post:) Good one,Ramesh!

  3. ROFLMAO. Happiness is very relative. :D

  4. lol!! That's the very reason that I never save my passwords & clean up the history ;-)

  5. hahaha..that was funny..once my sis in law and I were cribbing about her mother ie my mother in law and her mother in law ..and both of them happened to hear us..don't ask me what happened next..:D

    and do you know, apart from the ones you have mentioned above, many people use the word PASSWORD as their password?

  6. Some great ideas for a

  7. Well who asked her to read someone else's mail ha? Lol. Relatives can be weird yaar. I have an aunt who calls me to get gossip on others and the worst part is she calls when I am with the others!

    How you been? H& me good. been busy.

  8. Hahaha ... wt al things a smal passwrd can do........

  9. Hehehe I messed up bad several years ago, while I was still married, by not closing out an instant message I was having with my ex-husband's disgruntled (with him, not me) mother. First they were angry with each other, then they decided to be angry with me. Ugh. I told her that when she needs to complain about him, it will be by telephone only from now on! lol

    Ramesh, I have missed you SO VERY MUCH. You have been a very dear friend to me. Life has been hectic for me, but you are always in my thoughts. I hope all is well with you and your family. I will be out of town for several days, first to Ohio to visit my sister and adorable nephew, then I will go on to spend a nice weekend with a special friend. I will be back next week and very much look forward to catching up with you and everybody else. Much LOVE and peace to you, good buddy. Namaste

  10. R.R. u r a genius can turn any situation into a comedy:)
    Happy Republic Day
    BTW the new banner is too good

  11. hahaha! Where do get these jokes?

  12. Lolz! I will take the moral from this post: "Sign off" Always :D

    Love the colors of the new header! Keep blogging

  13. Hey need ur help in spreading this word.. Please pass it to as many people as u can..

    Thank you so much!

  14. Wish you and your family a very Happy Republic Day.
    Very nice and funny.

  15. If you guess my password let me know - I forget those damn thing all the time:)