Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poo for Pooja

I have this dirty habit of shortening my close friends’ names. Hence Patwardhan became Pattu, Michael became Miki, Lajwanti Laju, Ansarsaleem Ansu, Pooja Poo, Naheed Na and so on.
It was when I tried the trick with wonderful colleague Denzil that the trouble started. I used to call him Denji. A new cute girl had joined our department that day. I introduced Denzil and they had a pleasant conversation. After a little time, she had a doubt and called out: “Mr Denjiii.”
“My name is Denzil,” he replied.
“OK,” she said, but after a little time called out again, “Mr Denjiii..”
“You will not improve. You need a taste of your own medicine Su,” he replied.
Her name was Suchitra.
“Su is alright for me. But don’t add another Su to that,” replied the fun-loving girl.
For those uninitiated susu means, hehe, pissing…


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ra

  2. hahahaha...:D

    thank god you don't know my friend Lubna..waha to single Lu ka meaning hi double su ho jata :P

  3. ok so u have a comrade now, I mean comrade who shortens name like u .....he he

  4. Ha ha ha, hilarious as usual...wonder if you would call me Sarr...???

  5. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa;-))

  6. lol!!! Girls always are good sport :D

  7. Oops!! I knw its kind of funny at times and embarassing many times :P

  8. Hahah! I am called Nikki since I don't know when! So now when someone calls me Nikita I get worried, thinking they might be upset with me!

  9. Su is a sport. But, has anybody called you Ramu? :P