Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Murphy chase

Why? Why is Murphy harassing me? Alone at home, I put on loud music, locked the door, wrapped a towel and entered the rest room. I was about to put on the shower, when the damn landline rang. I ran, picked it up and the line went dead.
Back to the rest room, I put on the shower. Wow, what a pleasant hot/cold mixed water! In less than four minutes, I had soap all over my body. It was then that Murphy struck again. The same damn phone.
It was a friend. “Oh, you are taking bath?” she asked me.
“No, I am dancing,” I wanted to reply, but politely said “yes.”
“Talk to you later.”
The room was wet all over. And a few drops of soap water also splashed on the laptop near the phone.
I had to rush to Dubai for some work. I asked a friend with car to drop me.
“You should have told me. Just 10 minutes back, I was crossing your house and thought of ringing you up,” he replied. “Now I am already in Dubai.”
Murphy’s Law played its trick again.
Once when I mentioned that if I find Murphy I will hang him upside down and pour hot water on his face, famous blogger Priyanka Khot laughed out.
I am telling you again, I will do it. Grrrr.


  1. murphy's law makes my buttered toast just fall on to the floor with the butter side down, and it happens very frequently..I know I am butter fingers..but murphy should be killed!

  2. He he, Ramesh how about not answering the phone while you are in the shower??

    Yeah Murphy is everywhere! Amazing how he can be at so many places at the same time...:)

  3. U 2? i thought its only me who faces such situations:)

  4. You should write poems. I am seriously saying this.

    Write about your relation with Murphy. :P

  5. Lolz! at your tryst with Murphy and calling me famous... heheheh

    Thank you thank you! ^_^

  6. Which Murphy Ramesh? I hope there is not one in your office!

  7. Ha Ha!

    I don't know about God but..


  8. hi,
    I had been following ur posts and for quite sometime .So here I'm droppin in to say a "hi " and a thanks for spreading smiles through ur blog

  9. Oh my God you have also faced this situation. As Murphy is all around so beware.

  10. hey chetta..
    thanks for throwing light on Murphy n his laws.I felt it extremly funny and very much correct.Atleast in my life. eh

  11. yeah, Murphy is everywhr..he is ur blog too..

    be positive re Ramesh..wo soap ke paani se per fisal ke gir nahi gaye..warna Murphy bechare ko hi uske liye blame kar dete..

  12. Your subjects on the posts are so varied.

  13. lol!!!! Dunno what to say more, Murphy has struck on me u see...as soon as I read the post I knew what to say but by the time I reached here I forgot :D

  14. Is Murphy ka to Burfi banana padega....troublin my friend ? Sishhh.

  15. Thanks for cheering me up, actually was waiting for my kids call who are away one their own. Excellent post as it made me search for Murphy on the web;)