Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grin n bear it

The second day after I landed in Chennai recently, I was walking around when I noticed a board “Smile with confidence” at a dentist’s clinic. I promptly smiled and reached home.
I never expected such smiles to come with a price. The very same night I could not sleep as I had severe tooth ache. There was also swelling in the gums.
I had to run to the same clinic.
I was pleasantly surprised as there was only one patient and he too disappeared in a minute.
“Your turn,” informed the assistant.
I entered the dentist’s room. And the smile vanished instantly. There was this man who was not even wearing shoes or slippers. He had folded his pant almost up to knee level. The chair I was asked to sit on was so dirty, I thought of telling him I would prefer to stand. I am not going to tell you about the condition of the needles.
“So what’s the problem?” he asked.
“Your clinic,” I wanted to reply, smiling with confidence. But restricted myself.
God was on my side. There was no need for the doctor to use his unclean equipment.
He saw the swelling, scribbled a few medicines and said “Rs60,” followed by a “Next patient please.” That there was no next “patient victim” waiting is another matter.
PS: Dentists, please don’t gnash your teeth at this post. I have visited several dentists for treatment. These kinds are exceptions.


  1. hmmm!!!! well i need to put in some words now ramesh. lol!!!! here are some advice for you on how to choose your dentist.
    .... never choose a dentist who has a clinic up in the dirt!!!!
    .... make sure that your dentist is not wearing pants that you donated to your next door!!!!
    and lastly make sure you go to a dentist and not to a quack.hahahaha!!!! chenai is full of it.

  2. As soon as I read the post, I knew Nitu's comment was sure to be there.

    You shud have simply gone to her... however, your tooth ache wud have increased... because SHE IS VERY SWEET :D

  3. Aren't there better places in Chennai?

  4. toothache?? how many sweets did you have on your India trip or was it the sweetness of the ladies who accompanied you?

  5. I had the impression that Chennai has amongst the best medical practitioners?

  6. LOL I wonder how u land up with such 'types'

  7. Hmm I am glad you escaped. But next time you may not be so lucky.

  8. I like dentists... but I hate being a patient. It's just too gross. :(