Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stronger than yesterday

“You can do much better,” she started.
“I agree,” I nodded.
“Actually, you have wasted too much time,” she continued.
I listened quietly. After all, she is a close friend. Maybe she is trying to pep me up.
“If I were you, I would have been editor of an international newspaper. You are happy in comfort zones. Anyway, now you are in late 40s and there is nothing you can do. All you can do now is give a few headlines, write a few stories and go to sleep,” she refused to stop.
My attempts to prove that I have been doing my best were scuttled by “You have wasted your life and career ya. You are finished."
My blood started boiling and BP was shooting up.
It was then that I realized I had a weapon. SMILE. After all, what’s the point in arguing with cynics and diehard pessimists? I understood such people dread one thing in their lives: Your smile.
For every line she continued, I flashed a smile.
She just shut up after four minutes and moved off.
I concede that my anger was at its peak, ego bruised badly, but controlling my rage helped me.
All I did was put on the taperecorder.
“I am stronger than yesterday..” adorable Britney’s voice filled my room.
“Yesss. I am stronger than yesterday.”
I thanked that friend. She has helped me win. I controlled my anger.


  1. If you don't mind, here is the best solution that works for me in anger. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths and count digits; one for each breath. Do this till you feel in control and better. Well, nice blog! :-)

  2. Hmm Good Ramesh. The picture makes me tell you that I was away at Jim Corbett National park and others in our group actually saw tigers! But not me :(

  3. Anger is just one letter short of Danger... you just won over it! Great post.

  4. When you get angry,---recite Gayatri Mantra.

  5. Great way to control anger; before it slips out of your system make the other person irritated by a big :)I think I will try this one now to overcome my anger.

  6. Some people simply churn out their advises, its better to keep mouth shut and nod our head!! Keep it up Cool Boy!!

  7. That must have been difficult i m sure but u did it :) Now u can really laugh at her :) I will also try it out.. there r many pessimists around :D

  8. It seriously can be darn difficult controlling yourself in front of such people! But the such situations decide who is a better human being :)

  9. Well, I'm bad at recounting stories but will give it a try. This is a tip for controlling anger.

    1)When you are angry, close your eyes.
    2)Take a few deep breaths.
    3) Think about a waterbody that you love- a river, lake, pond or sea.
    4)Remember the face of the person who made you angry.
    5) Now imagine what the person who provocated you is
    feeling right now as you are holding his/her head under water.

    Hope I have not spoiled the story. This I read someday and I didn't realize its value at that time! :-)

  10. Obviously reading all those Tolle books did you good :)
    You relly apply what you say in your Logo. Nice design btw!

  11. lol
    great and perfect solution
    you may like this article written by me

  12. The tiger picture gave me an idea....serve that lady as a dinner to this Tiger.Best anger management.Hey kidding!

    Somehow i can never imagine you getting angry at any one...positivity is your best trait,not even once i noticed negativity of any kind in your fact you can teach all of us few tips on that.What say ,boss?

  13. Ha,I loved the simple narration.esp the awesome "I thanked that friend. She has helped me win. I controlled my anger".Thats it..

  14. HI,Perhaps, due to oversight, you seem to be posting comments for my posts not on indiaoftomorrow.blogspot but on india-0tweets.
    You might like to just correct it.

  15. Ramesh, you are a trooper! I loved it, just loved this post. SMILE. It indeed is the best armour against such negative and pessimistic people-

    And just to set it straight: success is not only measured by how well we do careerwise or how much money we make. If that was the case, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and many others would have been happier but the whole world knows they were sad and lost people.

    Your blog is excellent so don't give a damn about what this woman says. Just SMILE:)
    Cheers, friend!

  16. Nest time i start to lose my temper, will try to follow ur lead

  17. smiles can do wonders, themost powerful weapon ever!! This speaks volumes about you ramesh!! You are a great man!! Cheers to you!!

  18. "The best way to beat your enemies it to live a good life." - Can't remember who said it right now but it is so true. Being happy or at least giving the appearance of being happy truly stops them in their tracks when they spew negativity.

  19. Nice haeader!

    I guess this post is dedicated to your tag line. :)

  20. Lovely piece.Smile is the best way to tackle such situations.