Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bury the worry

I was watching a CD containing a lecture on human excellence by Prof KR Rao. Some interesting points I thought should share with you.
* Dream is not something that you get in sleep; it’s one that does not let you sleep and makes you work hard towards a goal.
* Einstein was planning to give a speech when he saw a shoeshine boy. He noticed that the boy had not washed his face. He asked the boy to polish his shoes, and then offered an extra dollar if he washed his face. The boy vanished in a second and returned after doing so. What will you do with your extra dollar? asked Einstein. “Well, I will give it back to you if you comb your hair,” replied the boy. “I realized then that all of us need to learn everyday,” declared Einstein in his speech.
* Learning is not just for earning.
* He lives who lives for others: Vivekananda
* Keep your mind open, nothing enters a closed mind
* Let not worries bury you, you bury the worries.


  1. Very interesting thought. :)

  2. "He lives who lives for others: Vivekananda"
    I cannot , somehow , bring myself to empathise.
    Is living for your own happiness morally wrong?
    Isnt one's happiness the primary purpose of one's life ?
    Isnt self the first priority , instinctively?
    I do not say that one has be a brute that tramples on others to reach one's end. I only suggest that one need not be a martyr and sacrifice one's happiness always.

  3. Very motivating thoughts.....you are right about keeping ones mind open.Our country is blessed that we once had Vivekananda,Gandhi.

  4. Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    If we can grasp the true flavour of philosophical content, it is 'the best' source for motivation and inspiration.

    You have shared quite a lot of value-oriented morals with this post. Well yes, every point you shared in this post can be explained in depth and can be made into separate volumes of books.

    Thanks buddy for sharing such useful stuff with all your readers...

  5. Fantastic thoughts. And that is by far my favorite photograph of Einstein. I hope you're having a good week so far, Ramesh. Love and peace to you, friend. :)

  6. The Einstein story is very good. His photograph also is interesting.

  7. nice read, it is always nice to be reminded of sayings, anecdotes and thoughts which we were taught in school but with age tend to forget.

  8. I am a BIG FAN of einstein quotes. :)

  9. "Keep your mind open, nothing enters a closed mind"...So true....Good Post...

  10. Thank you very much for your lovely comment.You are welcome in my other blogs too.As I have become your 37th follower so I will be visiting your lovely blog.
    I liked your blog very much. You have wonderfully portrayed very motivating and interesting thought.Excellent post.

  11. I so love that shoeshine boy! Facit: u don't need to be an Einstein...