Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fat of the matter

Weight is a weighty issue these days.
“You have put on weight,” “You have lost weight,” have become common usages when we meet acquaintances.
When I met a friend yesterday, she looked hassled. “The doctor has asked me to shed weight or face trouble,” she said.
“OK, join the gym immediately,” I suggested.
“Are you mad? I am 44 and have never stepped into a gym,” she said.
“Go for dieting.”
“You know my appetite,” she retorted.
What about yoga?
“My God. I cannot bend this way and that way.”
“Good, I will give you a solution. Try walking one hour every day,” I said.
“That I tried last week,” she replied.
“What great? Every time I returned home I became so hungry I ate double the normal. It’s all back to square one.”
“Bye, bye,” I vanished from the scene.


  1. lol!!! you telling me ramesh...yes it happens to me very often....i would meet someone in the morning who would tell me ohh u are losing weight and i would jump with glee and by evening i would meet somebody else who would tell me u r looking very healthy....a more polite way of saying you are fat, woman....Ugh!!

  2. This is why I never comment on a person's weight. Even when it seems they have lost weight. You never know what can of worms you are opening when you get on the subject.

    People who cite a problem and don't want to do anything to fix it should keep it to themselves anyway. It's very frustrating for the listener!

    I hope you're having a good week so far. :)

  3. Ha! i have tried dieting. I read somewhere tat fasting is good. so i fasted, ie no lunch, and ended up having a double Dinner. Infact i gained few kilos in the process.

    If you come across any solutions please let me know.:)))I am only 90 kgs and 6 feet.

  4. Lolz I need to get slimmer as well! Ask your pal to take up dancing. Its fun and he/she will loose weight too!

  5. No, seriously , thats my weight when i checked last a month ago. Its likely that i would have gained again.

    I will lose wight when my wife comes back in September. Hotel food in gulf is so fattening, and i have a weakness for nonveg....I am a big time foodie..:)))))))

  6. is almost colloquial! She wasn't for sure looking for ur advice. I am sure she won't reduce weight any time soon ;)

  7. When two like weight people meet...this kind of conversation is taken very know "we are in the same boat brothers/sisters.".....if advice is coming from a slimmer person of my heavier friend always thinks that i am fit while my other painfully thin friend thinks i am too

  8. Ha!
    I remember Al-fayadi street, Dubai. theres one Gujarati restaurant, opp KFC . What Food.Heaven, and to end it, crispy Jalebis....Iused to have morning-Aloo parathas, lunch thali and dinner of some veg. gujarati dish with parathas.........I feel in dubai, there are better Indian restaurants than in India. What say?

  9. That sounds like me :) Have to figure out a way(an effective way) to reduce weight before the doctor asks me to :)

  10. Hi Ramesh,

    Hi Buddy!Hope all is well.

    Back on the blogosphere after a long break. I finally will have a new assignment and lots to talk about after my stint in Eurasia. Have not posted anything yet but will soon.

    I just enjoyed this piece. It si just my story Pal. I love my food and I love my rest even more. I am the closest Human representation of the "Sloth". In my worst nightmares I do sometimes see a fitter me! That is more of an aberration. My normal dreams are of lying in a hammock with the sea in front of me, teh mountains behind me and an ala carte menu beside me!

  11. Dear Ramesh Bhai,

    This post is an out-and-out comedy piece of writing :)

    The picture of fatty on scooter – kya selection hai yaar; it’s simply hilarious… ha ha

    Tell her to read your thoroughly entertaining blog and roll on the floor laughing, it is the best medicine for weight reduction :)

    Man, you shaped up a scene where the character in lead has so many complaints but is not ready to take up any measures - beautiful presentation.

    Did you make an attempt in writing script for any comedy movies, serials, dramas, plays, etc??

    You are an “Emperor of Comedy”, keep going dude… you simply rock…


  12. ah... the same thing happened to me a few days back... a friend came over and as soon as he entered he said -'bhai kitna mota ho gaya hai'... ah... thats all everyone seems to talk about these days.

  13. dieting and weight and gymming and all of that is such a state of mind with us women,totally dependent on what the others think rather than what the weighing scale says.. I like to hear everybody including the husband say atleats five times every week that I am not at fat, not even close to being slightly over weight, It just makes my day!! Weighing scales can go to hell!